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    Hummer is back.

    Nope, $112,000 at first. Lesser optioned models at lower cost by 2024, I think.
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Very nice! From their Instagram account six weeks ago: So, about $13,000 for the trap and canopy. Plus other add-ons.
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Or this for those hard to reach spots.
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    Group Buy: American Adventurist Edition - Last US Bag

    Dammit! I do NOT need one of these! I'm in: @Steve & Deb. Steve, Gray
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    Biggest subaru outback you've seen

    @JGore Not my build, but Anderson Design & Fabrication is a good place to start. It's the go-to suspension for an Outback or Forester. You have to be careful how much you raise it without damaging the front CV joints, else do the differential drop as well. Gorilla was the skid/front bar I was...
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    2018 Taco TRD Offroad

    I put some the vacuum-formed covers on from Lux Nox when I first bought the 4Runner and they still look good four years later. Install tip: After thoroughly cleaning the logo surface and removing the adhesive film, press the cover on with a rag or towel to spread the load out. I slightly cracked...
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    Roof Bags

    I have the RoofBag brand roof bag in the larger of the two sizes and the premium version. It has been on the roof of my Outback and then 4Runner in the extended Yakima Load Warrior on two meandering trips from Ohio to Seattle, taking our daughter's stuff to college. Having never used anything...
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    2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax build, "The Grey Menace"

    November 2018 through Backwoods Overland. They had a big discount available when they first became the distributor, at $521 shipped. :) I'll be curious to see if yours has stainless fasteners.
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    Help me decide how to install a second battery in the bed of my Gladiator

    That's what I use for the Odyssey Group 31 AGM, through-bolted to my homemade Goose Gear plate in the 4Runner. Wanted something heavy duty to hold all that weight in place in an emergency. Dean's idea of finding a large enough battery box to hold it all is a good one. Mine looks hokey, with one...
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    2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax build, "The Grey Menace"

    Quick Pitch? A word of warning if you have the aluminum box version (and probably applicable to the bag version as well.) Since we haven't been anywhere we've needed it this year, I haven't opened mine in many months. It lives on the 4Runner outside here in Ohio. I was fiddling with the truck...
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    FOR SALE: 2017 Conqueror UEV-440 Extreme Camper/Trailer

    That last photo was taken 3.6 miles from my grandfather's farm, where I grew up! :) I stopped to see David a couple of times when visiting family in Bellefontaine. Great guy, and he took extra care to make sure the trailers were up to snuff. That's where I got my National Luna 90 Twin, at a...
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    North Cascades trip East.

    Well, that doesn't help my cause at all. Maybe a divorce lawyer is the answer... :dunno ;)
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    North Cascades trip East.

    Awesome trip! Autumn 2018 we roughly followed the same area after dropping daughter off in Seattle at college, although on paved roads and not camping. We loved all the tiny crossroad towns along 20 and 155 to Grand Coulee. Missed two damn dam tours before we moved on for the day. From there we...
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    Anybody seen ArkansasDon?

    He was last seen July 14 on another forum I used to participate on. So at least that's a bit more recent.
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    Snow Peak....anonymous

    I have my first bit of Snow Peak kit on order. I’ve had a Kettle #1 on my wish list for years. I was looking the other day, and it is listed as out of stock or discontinued at all the usual places. Checked Snow Peak’s site and they still list it for $19, so I placed an order. I don’t know how...
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