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    Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own: TerraPod

    Nope! I just recall a question about alternate colors, and how well a desert tan would go with the Jeep. :)
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    Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own: TerraPod

    Just go ahead and rename that last one "Dave's Gladiator Tan"
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    Safety & Weather Conditions

    Good call! And I have to say that your breakfast looks better than the vast. majority on any of my meals. Mmmmm!
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    Leaked Photos: 300 Series Land Cruiser

    I wanted the tried and true (and thirsty!) V8. I know the turbo V6 will likely be a better engine, with more power and torque. But at the expense of even more complexity. And looking at the interior photos, it looks like there's more tech, too. All additional things to go wrong over the next 20...
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    Leaked Photos: 300 Series Land Cruiser

    Yep, it sure is! I bought a new one, because I wanted to be sure that it was always protected against the salty northern winters, and 2018+ models with 50k miles were only a few thousand less than new (when I ordered in September. Now prices are MSRP and above!) I could ONLY do this because the...
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    Leaked Photos: 300 Series Land Cruiser

    The sole reason I decided to part with the perfely good 36k mile 4Runner and take the enormous financial leap on a 200 in January. Absolutely zero regrets!
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    Adventures in the Dog House.

    That walk is a lot longer than it looks from the parking lot, isn't it? :) We saw one other vehicle when we were there in 2017. Very cool place that I want to visit again!
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    The Star Wars Thread

    Yep, that's what I meant when I said the animated shows really filled in a lot of holes for me. Now one of my favorite characters. :) I've heard the "What's your favorite Star Wars movie?" online and in person a lot over the past 40 years, and to me the answer was always Episode IV. Mostly...
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    The Star Wars Thread

    How I spent Winter here in Ohio... I saw the original three when they were released in the theaters (Episode IV was one of Deb's and my first dates!), and then watched them again just before the release of Episode I. So I hadn't watched them in over 20 years, and then watched and forgot the...
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    Hi, Jack! Welcome aboard. There are a lot of knowledgeable and experienced members here, always willing to offer advice and encouragement. I think you will find this an interesting place to hang out. Enjoy!
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    That Time We Ended Up in South Dakota...

    Thanks for taking us with you! I loved South Dakota, and could see myself living there. Both of our trips through the area were while coming back from dropping our daughter off in Seattle. Both trips we 42 and 31 days to wander home. But by the time we's spent a few days in SD, Deb was like a...
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    Early stages of planning to cut a BFH in my van.

    You're familiar enough with wooden boat building to either stitch very thin marine ply and laminate both side with glass (or kevlar) and resin, or, strip cedar and glass and resin. While you're outside looking at the van, take a look at the canoe, too, for ideas. ;) it would be vastly less...
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    a project i've been working on

    After drooling over your BBQ photos, that definitely sounds like a line of products that I'll want to try! Good luck with the new business.
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    Samsung tablet for Gaia or with any offroad app's?

    Another Gaia fan here. I use it on an 11" iPad in a cheap case with magnetic cover. The magnets in the cover stick very well to the steel speaker grille cover on top of the dash, on Ohio's potholed and broken roads. Haven't tried it on any thing rougher yet. I use Waze for street/highway...
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    Alpha Motor Corporation Wolf

    I wish more manufacturers would build single-cab pickups. :(
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