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    Overland Expo WEST 2019: Official Thread

    That is AEVs Colorado they just did with the tray. Not sure I believe just a concept at this time. Pic from their IG page.
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    It would be pretty cool to see where everyone is coming from now that you say that. I will be driving from southwest FL on the Gulf of Mexico down by Naples. Looking forward to getting out of here for a few weeks and seeing all my fellow Anvil Adventure members as well as meeting new people.
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Donation made!! I cannot wait. 8GT40742B8307271D
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    Lessons Learned at Overland Expo East 2015

    Haha Nevermind Maxcustody. I now know who you are now. Too damn funny this small world we all share. I just figured it out. I will see you on more adventures for sure. :)
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    Lessons Learned at Overland Expo East 2015

    Hold on a minute. Are you part of Anvil Adventures Max? Did we meet and not even know it? lol. I was the one with Gio that had the 7 yr old little girl with me at Expo. I was camped right next to the Anvil Flag.
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    "F" you sears!!!

    Yes I was looking for a group 35 battery for my Jeep a few months ago and the diehards are all basically discontinued. I talked with Sears customer service and said they show online I can get one to which they replied you will not be able to check out and purchase it. So there went my plan. I...
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    Expo East to Vermont Overland Rally.........

    Oh man I am jealous. Hopefully we can meet at expo say hey I would love to check out your jeep and vice versa. I'm excited to put faces to names on forums since I live in bottom of FL and only chance to meet most is at an event like expo. Wish I could do weekend before for the rendezvous but...
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    Hello from Sunny SWFL. My name is Donny. I drive a 12 JKU. I also have a bantam trailer that I am working on as well. I love chilling at the beach but am wanting to transition into doing some trips and my plan is to be ready with both the Jeep and the trailer by Overland Expo East in the...
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