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    [SOLD] 2017 Kawasaki KLR 650 NW Atlanta

    I hope there's a replacement in the works...
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    Getting ready

    Looking forward to pics! Nothing like watching aircraft making maneuvers in those valleys.
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    The Bobcat Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains

    Thanks for the update Cam, and like everyone here, hoping for the best as well!
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    The Bobcat Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains

    @Mojoe Outfitters Cam let us know if you need anything. We're just a hop away.
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    2018 Honda CB500X

    Finally replacing the turn signals with some el cheapo Amazon bought LED turn signals. LivTee Super Bright LED Flasher These ones have DRL's and a fun sequential turn signal when activated. Of course you need the LED...
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    2018 Honda CB500X

    I replaced the Rally Raid Products rear rack as they don't provide enough lateral flex support with the Mosko Scout panniers that I'm running. Loaded up, they flex the racks inboard a bit too much, especially on the trail. So I ended up swapping them out for the Givi 1121 rack system. The system...
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    2012 Royal Enfield

    Nice! Those little rebels are fun. Not sure about that sprung seat though. Comfy?
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    Anybody seen ArkansasDon?

    Keeping tabs on this and hoping he's doing well, too busy doing adventure stuff.
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    A hot and gnatty Thomas Mountain

    It was pretty packed when we went that weekend. The larger sites at the lower sites we're filled when we rolled in Friday evening. Like packed in filled. The upper sites were empty when we rolled up there but got pretty much filled once we set up. Best to get there early Friday or Tbursday...
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    A hot and gnatty Thomas Mountain

    When did you guys go? We were hoping the forecasted ~10mph winds would sustain or increase throughout the weekend but that didnt happen.
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    A hot and gnatty Thomas Mountain

    But I miss all the amenities that come with 4wheel camping and all the comforts you can bring lol. And not having to lift a 4-500lb bike when it happens.
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    A hot and gnatty Thomas Mountain

    Thanks Brett. Yeah those bugs were relentless... More bites started emerging this morning so I've actually got double than what I thought I left with and double the itchiness. I'm going for full coverage next time, from head to toe... As long as the road is just as good, with less heat and no...
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    A hot and gnatty Thomas Mountain

    (Excuse the mixture of cellphone photos and DSLR. Laziness got the better of me) A few of us decided to head into the mountains this past weekend for something local and easy. With the weather warming up, and fires cropping up around the area, we figured Thomas Mountain should be a fairly safe...
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    We've got enough BS politics shoved down our throats every day and now this... I don't mind your personal behind-the-scenes agenda stuff, but keep all that at the door. Sports have turned bad already as they have progressed over the decades anyways... MLS were whiners flopping-galore. NBA...
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