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    Stitch the Tacoma

    I also ordered some SOS Off-road Concepts rock sliders w/ kickouts! I cannot wait to get my hands on them and install them. I have been avoided the more challenging obstacles without sliders and I can't stand it! I'll post pics once I have them and get them installed. I hope to have them before...
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    Stitch the Tacoma

    Update: Wiring & Lighting: I am by no means a pro at wiring or even remotely close. I have wired some very basic things in my 4x4's before like CB radios and off-road lights with some adverse effects such has small fires and what not; granted this was when I was in high school 7 years ago but...
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    Stitch the Tacoma

    Nothing new build wise but a little adventure update. I went up to the Asheville, NC for some fun. My buddy and I finished up his adventure trailer. The plan is for him and his wife to head west for Utah and Montana for some mountain biking and what not. My buddy did the fab work, I just drank...
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    Stitch the Tacoma

    My Tacoma aka "Stitch" (like the Disney character) is what I wish to be buried in. I'm serious! Ever since the second generation of Tacoma came out I have wanted a blue one. So when the chance arose for me to take over someone else's overland project I went for it. To this day I still look for...
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    Howdy! My name is John and I am actually not a new member. I joined up when I attended the Appalachian Rendevous in 2017 but never engaged in the forum. My screen name is NC-Trooper because at the time a I drove a 1999 Isuzu Trooper She was a great truck but I saw something shiny one day...
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Boom. Transaction ID: 4NF32608BF503593X
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