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    Advice for a Ram 3500

    I have done some research here but I thought I would reach out and see what people advise. I have a 2015 Ram 3500 gasser, stock height with an Aluminum Flatbed and Bundutec Odyssey camper. The rig has 82,000 miles on her and about 60,000 miles ago, I installed Bilstein 4600 shocks. I've also...
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    The First Aid Kit Thread

    Burns shouldn’t either. I was a wilderness EMT and leading a bike trip near the north rim of the Grand Canyon. In the evenings we typically had a fire and some adult beverages. I went to bed early and awoke to horrific screaming. One of the riders, wearing crocs, had fallen asleep with his feet...
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    Let's smoke something!

    If god wanted us to be vegetarians, he would have made broccoli more fun to shoot.
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    Rare Rigs

    Steinbeck's Rocinante from Travels with Charley
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    FS: Like new Mavic Mini

    going bigger?
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    Slide in Camper on Power Wagon

    Check out Bundutec USA as well. Lots of slide in camper options - hard and soft side - and they customize.
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    New Ford Bronco Crew-Cab Pickup Being Fast-Tracked To Take On The Jeep Gladiator: Report

    I will never understand a pickup being produced with a bed less than 6 feet long.
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    New Defender spotted in Moab

    Having been involved with British cars for many years, I always remember this: "The reason the English like warm beer is because the refrigerators were wired by Lucas."
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    Hummer is back.

    It's not just the availability of charging stations, it's the time it takes to do the recharge. Friends with Tesla's always express frustration that the recharge can take 30 minutes to more than an hour. Filling a gas tank can be done in less than 5 minutes -- and you are on your way. On long...
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    Another story on why it's so critical to carry an emergency communication device And never travel alone.
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    New Defender spotted in Moab

    More opportunities for tow truck operators.
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    Air Compressor Options?

    Ive known two people who burned thru ARB compressors. I’ve never heard of an Extreme Outback failing. Mines been on 3 trucks and if wired correctly, will always work.
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    Air Compressor Options?

    Extreme Outback - more expensive than some but it is a beast and will last forever.
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    Need some assistance in Vermont

    Vermont Tire and Service on Williston Road in South Burlington came through. Great people and fast service.
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    Need some assistance in Vermont

    Will do.
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