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    Say goodbye to cheapo Chinese VHF/UHF handhelds?

    The way I read the clarifying quote from the FCC is that is the exact problem they are having.
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    2018 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Count me in (and possibly the family if I can pull them away from their technology and comfy beds)! I/we will be in a GX470 (yes this Lexus does get out on the trail when time allows) Transaction ID:9XC269502T139412S
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    To Dave and Crew! Thank you! I had a great time and I can not wait until next year...
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    This time next week I will be heading to UORTC... I can't wait.
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Ruined, I am in Arden. Currently, I am planing on leaving out 9/21 Thursday mid morning, would you like to caravan? Edited the date error!
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    I am no expert but No in years past it does not... All of the planned rides are on private property. Then a few us ride out at night into the forest and we buy passes.
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    VoodooblueFj Look below there is a Donate button at the bottom of the page... That will take you to paypal. First post in this thread has the details and instructions.
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    Whaaat?!? No ADV bikes here?

    Is that the 800 XCx? I am looking at a used one... Well Dreaming about a used one I saw for sale. Looks like a fun bike how do you like it and what mods did it 'require'?
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    Overland Expo East 2017

    My understanding was that last you did indeed need ticket onto the estate and also a ticket to the event... But it seems this year if I read the little cart correctly, the ticket onto the estate is included. (You will need to confirm this for yourself) I thinking I will show up for Saturday...
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    ARV breakaway for Sporting Clays?

    I had the chance to shoot sporting clays the other day, now I am hooked. Anyone interested in breaking away from the 4x4 action and shooting some little, round, orange, helpless, birds just for the fun of it. I am no good at it but it is fun to try. Dewitt's looks to be about a 45min drive...
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    2017 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    KM4DWS 9YB72835GJ6664833 I am looking forward to this! I missed last year but I have every intention of making it this year. Thanks, Kaleb
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    LX 570 or GX 460

    I ran into the same thing... I think it is a name thing, you go looking for an Land Cruiser not an LX/GX.
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    TN - IE an East Coast Event!

    Cross the great state of TN with as few miles on tarmac as possible... Lots of Grave, some trails and a few water crossings. Add in a competitive aspect for good measure and lots of like mind friends you have yet to meet. Sounds like a good time! Guys I am looking for a 2nd vehicle to run...
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    Non HAM/Non CB radios?

    Trophycummins, Thank you.
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    Non HAM/Non CB radios?

    Trophycummins, That is the type of info I need... I am looking for a 'single' radio that I could use for the majority of my needs but it seems that is a taller order than I thought. For now I have a little 'unlocked' china import that can get to the business bands (anyone have a link to...
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