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    Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own.

    What are the chances of storing bedding inside the tent? For example, I use Teton Sports Double 0 degree bag and a couple of down pillows. The bag itself is pretty thick, but the pillows pack down pretty well. I think current RTT solutions have been pretty good in this regard, but recent...
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    Cold Meals

    muff pot and baking bag full of sausage jambalaya.
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    Waterport Shower

    I'm still partial to the water tanks. they're really simple box style 7-40 gallon fresh/gray water tanks. The 10 gallon is like ~$33 shipped, and then you can use any of the standard fittings and run the tank to a pump or something. But yeah, the water port is super neat due...
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    I hate the scepter can spouts, they keep having cracking issues in my experience. The other issue is requiring the wrench to open/close the caps and also mount the spouts so they don't leak. That's just a really chintzy way of doing things. I exclusively use NATO Jerries. I also use the fast...
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    Moving forward from the Pandemic

    this one should be a no brainer. if i buy an iphone, i should be able to live like the person who put it together.
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    just a note. misattributed. half of that stuff is referenced from random social media posts. fat is still fat in the presence of a surfactant, it does nothing to actually remove viruses from their lipids surrounding them heat...
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    There's actually a homeland memo mentioning white supremecists running around licking doorknobs and elevator buttons. so yeah, that's probably what this is from.
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    There are different types of mutations. The kind that happen generationally as it copies itself, and the kind that happen when an "anomaly" occurs and things go crazy. Think of it this way. When virion particles burst out of an ACE2 cell that a coronavirus co-opted as a factory for itself...
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    Corona Virus, general conversation Vexing questions about COVID-19 scientists still can't answer While scientists and physicians are learning more about the novel coronavirus every day, there is still much that we don’t know about the...
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    People are still planning parties all across California. --- @Dave Updated EPA List of disinfectants + times of exposure required to eliminate a coronavirus below detectable levels (not eliminate 100%).
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    I used to go to Chico State, former PlayBoy #1 ranked party school. One of my floormates in our dorm used to get sloshed on 2 tylenols and two coors LIGHTS. And he's big 250lbers. yeah his liver was toast by the time he was 18. Doctor said anymore drinking and he'd probably die before he was...
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    thanks, "anything but". writing on cellphones suck. obv there are going to be other medications that doctors can prescribe, but some steroidal and NSAIDS such as ibuprofen and naproxen are gonna be bad.
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    Oh one other item. There's anecdotal evidence that NSAIDS like Aleve or Ibuprofen might cause additional issues. The current guidance is to take Acetaminophen only. I'll have to find the study somewhere. But it's being said that anything by Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) could cause a slight...
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    Additional notes. Over half the COVID-19 patients in the Netherlands are under 50 yo, though the number of admitted under ICU is under 100. Other stats, they currently have 20 deaths, 1,136 cases, 2 recovered. -- In china, 41% half of the patients in icu were 14-49...
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