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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    you can open a private session in your browser, or use a different browser like the one in your phone. at any rate, here's a preview.
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    120V switch

    You're good as long as your gear doesn't exceed the amp rating of that switch. Engineering uses the 80% rule for specs. The load should be at 80% (or less) of the rating for whatever switch is being used, so you have a good margin there. The switch suddenly going bad after owning a piece of...
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    The Random Thoughts Thread Thoughts about mining in these areas?
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    120V switch

    Typically if they're only using one side, it's probably because the manufacturer while writing the BOM found a bunch them at a cheap price and just standardized on these. If anything, that switch housing supports 6 contacts so it's possible that they have other products that use that switch...
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    Tacoma and Tundra to share platform

    The GX470 had a fairly large list of changes within its model years. Same thing for the Tundra. In terms of Japanese vehicle design, process, and manufacturing, they have this concept of: Zen-Ki (前期 Zenki) Chuu-ki (中期 Chūki) *and* Kou-ki (後期 Kōki) Only platform changes would consist of a...
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    Tacoma and Tundra to share platform

    I beg to differ. While it's named a complete overhaul and in standard vernacular called a 3rd generation Tacoma, it's only that in name. It's called a 3rd gen, but in reality, the actual cab remains practically identical. there are small sheet metal changes where the new doors fit, but in...
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    Tacoma and Tundra to share platform

    I like how they fail to mention the Tacoma is from 2005, not 2015.
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    $40 APRS plus Upgrades

    That's nice to know. I've been using my Mobilnkd v2 w/ my spare android phone and APRSDroid to great effect for a few years now. Too bad they didn't upgrade the USB port to USB C.
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    Mr. Heater Buddy in a large tent?

    Since we're necroposting, might as well add this. Isn't that second hose supposed to go to the intake? Warming cold air from outside is wasting a whole lot of fuel.
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    You have $100 to spend...

    steak, butter, thyme, rosemary, charcoal, mashed potatoes, can of candied peaches, can of cherries, box of bisquick, pie crust mix, and a few plinys at wholefoods. gonna eat some, got adventure on sunday night w/ all the white walkers incomin.
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    Looking for a Winch for my Tacoma

    How much does your truck weigh? I would go off how much it weighs to determine how much capacity you'd need. my truck weighs 6000, 1.5x is the rule of thumb iirc. So I got a Zeon 10-S. It has pretty decent sealing around the electronics compared to the M8000 I originally had, so that made...
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    Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own.

    Sewn in tube tracks actually make a lot of sense with a thick strap of nylon. Regardless of your intentions, things will break. It would be good to have an option where someone could remove it and replace it. Also, if it's intended to used alternatively as a storage box, it would make sense...
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    Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own.

    so what are we talking about in terms of price? Also, is the tent material slide in? like you sew in a plastic dowel and then just guide it into grooves? I saw some other brand's tent was done w/ snaps, and that turned me off immediately. Can you imagine the problems with snaps? cold gusts...
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    The Crazy Weather Thread
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    never had an issue w/ rain.
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