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    For Sale in NC: 2016 Tacoma TRD O/R Access Cab with 2020 FWC Pop-Up Camper

    Turn-Key, Ready to Roll Overland Vehicle. Truck has just returned from five weeks of exploring in the northern Rockies and performed flawlessly. It has 78,000+ miles (driven regularly) and is in very good condition with numerous upgrades. I'm the original owner located in Chapel Hill, NC and...
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    The Triple J

    You're making some fine memories there for you and your son. Congratulations!
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    Nissan Titan thoughts

    In my experience, major electrical gremlins due to cheap connectors all through the vehicle. That makes for long and tedious diagnosis which translates into expensive repairs.
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    Tire Repair Kits

    ^^^Well put. The proper use for reamer/cutter bits is when the puncture breaks the steel belts and frayed ends are visible around the "wound channel" on the inside of the tire. The frayed ends will eventually cut through patches or plugs from the normal flexing as you drive.
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    Tire Repair Kits

    Here's a couple of tips based upon my 40+ years in the tire business. As @Code Red stated, a cordless drill will help immensely. Go to your local tire shop and buy your patches there, they will have better quality patches, a big selection and they buy them in bulk and will likely just give you a...
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    Don's BBQ Rubs & Seasoning Recipes

    This entire thread needs to be deleted. I'm blaming it for an extra 20 pounds!
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    Hurricanes are coming

    In my feeble memory, I don't ever recall the hurricane center predicting a less than average season. Sooner or later they will get one right.
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    The Corona Virus and the US Drug Supply

    Puerto Rico also had hurricanes which heavily damaged their pharmaceutical facilities and production there has not recovered..........
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    quick get a way

    That ax handle looks hand-made. You do that Don?
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    richard310's Moto Adventure to 2020 Desert Rendezvous

    Nice report! You're very humble to admit that your bike was so lazy taking all those naps! I've had a trip or two where my bike got lazy like that and have found a good way to cure it is to post pics of her while she's napping..... At least my friends did :).
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    UWHARRIE trip intel

    Check out Morrison's Outdoor Adventures. He is on FB for sure and probably other social media too.
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    Help me choose prescription meds for a long remote trip

    The Mrs is a pharmacist of some 40+ years and she agrees with the above suggestions. Cipro is at the top of her list for antibiotics. 800 mg Ibuprofen is most easily accomplished with buying over the counter 200 mg pills, preferably the gel type and taking 4 at a time. Next level up for pain...
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    Bubba Rope Vs. Yankum Rope

    Don't tell Mama! ;) I'm familiar with OEX and both Mama and I have trained with them. More specifically, I was asking who trains the use of Safe Xtract equipment and methodology in the southeast.
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    Bubba Rope Vs. Yankum Rope

    @WashingtonTaco, if a guy who is waaaay down here in NC were to buy some of this stuff which qualifies for training, how/where would we be able to get said training?
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