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    Air Compressor Options?

    With 35s the ARB single, i.e. the "High Output" model—a very fine unit—will be pretty slow. If you can possibly afford it I guarantee you won't be sorry splurging on the Twin. As Dean mentioned, it is wicked fast, literally twice as fast as the High-Output model as it is essentially two of them...
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    CJ5 / CJ7 vs FJ40

    Well my answer should be predictable. But read here for a sort of general philosophy of traveling in either.
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    The Adjustable Wrench . . . Perfected?

    Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.
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    What is “Overland Built” ???

    I could easily define "overland built," but it wouldn't match much of what is sold as "overland built." In my mind an "overland built" vehicle is one that has been modified to enhance its utility and comfort for long-distance backcountry travel without compromising reliability or durability...
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    10 Years Gone: Overland Expo, Then and Now

    Thank you Dave! It couldn't have happened without the community.
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    Long Term Review: ARB Jack

    The Hi-Lift can also be used for fighting off lions. The ARB Jack, being lighter and shorter, is not as effective for this.
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    Overland Expo WEST 2019 Give Away!

    Hey! Am I eligible now?
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    Long Term Review: ARB Jack

    Actually it's a seven-pound weight saving, which equates to 25 percent. I measured the difference directly when I tested the ARB Jack in Australia. Personally I was impressed with it, and—if price were no object, an important point—would unhesitatingly choose it over the Hi-Lift. As to the...
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    Is the ARB Twin compressor overkill for me? (Ram 3500 w/ camper)

    I second the Twin. You won't be sorry. I did a write-up here after using them in Australia for the first time.
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    Four Wheeler Magazine's "Overland Adventure"

    I have never parked with my tire on a rock. C'mon.
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    Overland Expo sold?

    Thank you Kevin. Your avatar makes me miss our border collie.
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    Overland Expo sold?

    With any luck, all you'll notice is better infrastructure with the addition of investment. We like the people who bought it, and they seem excited about the community. Of course, it's their show now.
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    Overland Expo sold?

    Thank you for that, Mike. It made our day.
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    Overland Expo sold?

    Where is the "unlike" button?
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