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    New TetonX Hybrid

    I don’t mind you asking, but I don’t feel comfortable discussing that. If you’re interested I’m sure that Lindsay at TetonX would be happy to discuss their pricing with you.
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    New TetonX Hybrid

    I have only towed it about 10 miles at a time with the 4Runner but it seems OK. You know it’s there and a fast take off isn’t in the cards (not that there is without a trailer anyway). But I’ve towed it to Virginia with the Tundra and that was great. I’ll be towing it to NC for Labor Day weekend...
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    New TetonX Hybrid

    Here are some pictures of the kitchen.
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    Bailey's 2010 Tundra - Adventure Build (w/ Trip Photos)

    What a great build thread, I love your setup!
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    New TetonX Hybrid

    Thanks @Dave I appreciate it! BTW I’m the guy who gave you the copy of the magazine, MUZZLELOADER, at Overland Expo East last year.
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    New TetonX Hybrid

    Hello all, We received our new TetonX Hybrid trailer a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share some thoughts, info, and pictures of it. To say that this trailer is well optioned would be a huge understatement. It’s got 20 gallons of water with a Truma aquago water heater, 12 volt A/C, 200 AH...
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    Hiker 6x10 deluxe for sale, Nashville, TN

    Hello Everyone, I am selling my Hiker 6x10 Deluxe trailer, it is the last 6x10 that Hiker built. The trailer was built for me for Hiker Indiana in I took delivery of it in May of 2017. I opted for many extra features and upgrades to include: Climateright A/C (which was recently serviced by an...
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    Sweet Dan! Did you ever sell your trailer?
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    Whats your Ham Call

    Jason - K2JWG - General
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    Sure did!
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    Hello everyone, I found out about the forum because well I accidentally camped right in the middle of some of you this past weekend at the Overland Expo East. I'm Jason, I was the guy in the white wedge tent. It was great meeting you all and checking out your setups! I look forward to seeing...
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