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    About Scepter Jerry Cans

    Thanks for the heads up, btw. Managed to pick a couple of these up over the weekend at a Costco here in SLC.
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    Paying for fuel

    Years ago I had to turn down a job offer in CA simply due to the housing cost. We had recently bought a house here in UT, but the job was still pretty tempting. When I found out that to buy a comparable home in CA was nearly 3x what I paid for mine, on a lot a fraction of the size… That was...
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    Paying for fuel

    This is what we do - but with a little extra twist Our grocery store - Smith's - normally gives 2x the fuel points if you buy a gift card. They often have promos where you get 4x points for buying a gift card. So, as a result, we buy a ton of gift cards. We use Amazon Prime subscriptions for a...
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    The Random Rig Shots Thread

    An old shot from a rainy day spent wandering American Fork Canyon, UT. One of my favorite shots of the Bronco. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    best way to study for Ham Radio Technician License?

    I used when I prepped for my test last year. Just spent about 20-30 minutes a day studying for a month or so, and I only missed two questions on the tech exam. Then missed two too many get my general the same day. Big thing I liked about hamstudy was that each question had...
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    Paper Map Source

    You may also want to check and see if there is a forest service or BLM office in the city. In Utah, the Forest Service has an office in South Jordan, which is only a few miles south of Salt Lake. I was able to stop by there during a lunch break, and pick up a huge pile of maps that cover most of...
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