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    Adventures in the dog house.

    Passed you on I5 today! Recognizable rig made it to Astoria ourselves, headed south.
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    The First Aid Kit Thread

    I agree, its a simple one stop solution, not the cheapest option. I thought it was pretty well filled and thought out. I added a few things I like to the MyFAK bag, its really tight, but fits it all. Sam splint is the only oh shit item not in the bag. I have one in each truck. They are the oh...
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    Alpha Motor Corporation Wolf

    That's pretty sexy to me.... For someone who wants a DD pickup, that could work really well.... Keep the gas for long trips, little truck for daily around town.
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    Otto - The Tundra

    I've done a little vinyl..... That's a curvy part o_O
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Swapped out the grill insert for a Pro knock off. Just to relocate the TSS sensor. I had glued it into the bottom of the surround, but it didn't like that spot. With the 20 degree down bean it was catching the edge of the bumper. Luckily the epoxy did not stick that well to the chrome, so a...
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    Java's F450 'Rough Road' RV

    Well I tried to add a battery heat mat. Supposedly had a Tstat built into it. I bench tested and I thought it got warm, but didn't do shit once installed. I will pull it out and mess with it.... I did cut it down in size and nicked a lead inside. But it seemed to test out just fine (still had...
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    2018 Lexus GX build

    That looks like it adds some serious heft!
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Sliders are doing there job, time for a touch up. Also got the front plate installed. In WA its still required. Four neodymium magnets, rubber coated with a stud. Easy. OK its a bit of a "technicality" its hard to see, but its on there. Got 16" of snow over the weekend, truck worked...
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    Meet SHERPAH, my Gladiator build...

    Agreed!! Good exhaust shops are so hard to find these days! Heat shielding looks nice.
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    Java's F450 'Rough Road' RV

    Wow I have not updated this in forever.... Been using it like crazy though. Pulled the world apart to install a temp sensor. Sick of the battery ones being dead all the time. Apparently the stove will leak down onto the fridge.. Not ideal location, but had to work around everything back...
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    Short Winter Trip 2020 - A Socal Desert Winter

    Thanks! I may have to try something similar. Mine get pulled up bad. I was thinking actually on the lid though, to make more of a "wing"
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    The new 2022 KLR650

    Good to see it back with some good looking updates. I am a little surprised they didn't go to an aluminum frame to shave a bit of the weight off. But I do get the steel is a bit stronger in some cases.
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    Otto - The Tundra

    First 10k done! Truck is working great. The bed setup works pretty well, the stove blocks pulling the fridge all the way out, but its OK so far. I will probably make a U shaped stove stand. Flip it upside down and the stove can nest in it for storage, flip it over on the end of the drawer and...
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    Baja California

    Man I need to get back.... It would be awesome with the truck.
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    Otto - The Tundra

    These are láser beans.... The wall is 15-18' out. Make the headlights look dim.
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