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    Group Buy: American Adventurist Edition - Last US Bag

    I'll take a tan one please. Marc Paypal is messing up. Will pay in a few.
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    Vehicle insurance, above and beyond blue book value

    Anyone ever get asked about vehicle weight after mods by insurance agents? I'm not yet to GVWR, but I have to watch what future mods I add to my LX470, as I am getting close. It seems a lot of 4runners and Tacoma's you see on the road, are way overloaded, and I always wondered how this affected...
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    Timbren axleless trailer suspension w/ brakes

    Never been installed, just been sitting in a shed for years. 3500LB HD w/ 4" lift spindles, 10" brakes, with 5 on 5 wheel pattern. Decided to stick with a straight axle on my trailer. Asking $ 700 obo, located in Inland Empire of So Cal or Lake Havasu City, Az...
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    The Corona Virus and the US Drug Supply

    Doctor wrote a 90 day script to try and fill when we are ready to refill the 30 day ones we have now. He said he is not allowed to write prescriptions for outside of Kaiser, unless that is who we use to refill fill our subscriptions now, per Kaiser policy, saying people have used it to abuse the...
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    The Corona Virus and the US Drug Supply

    These meds are not available by mail order, but are not considered controlled substinces. We are going to hit them up tomorrow and see what they say.
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    The Corona Virus and the US Drug Supply

    We have a appointment with my daughters doctor tomorrow, and I'm going to try to get them to write me a script for her meds so I can go and pay cash for a 30 day supply. We are with Kaiser, so I doubt they will be willing, and they will only supply us with a 30 day supply (not a controlled...
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    2020 Desert Rendevous For Sale/Trade/Barter

    @Mccaf I've been battling a case vertigo for the last week, so I'm not sure if I am making the 3 hour drive or no. Just depends on how I feel. So please move on down the line. If no one claims it, I'll either grab it if I make it, or pay to have it shipped.
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    Picked up a Zarges case

    Thanks, I'll check it out. I plan to keep dry goods in it like bread, chips, etc. Basically any food that doesn't need to be refrigerated.
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    Picked up a Zarges case

    On Facebook market place for $25. It’s got a few dents that need to be banged out, and has some foam leftovers or something glued to the inside of it. Any non-toxic cleaners to get the interior clean? I’ll use whatever if I need to. I plan to use it to store dry goods in my trailer.
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    Maybe not

    This post reminded me, is there a designated "snob hill" at this site?
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    I have house in Havasu, and I've never even heard of this trail. I'll have to check it out.
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    Best way to clean these up?

    I bought a package deal of some stuff, and it came with this @Timbren-Industries axless trailer suspension with a 4" lift. The spindles were store inside of a trailer. What's going to be the best way to clean these up?
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    2020 Desert Rendevous For Sale/Trade/Barter

    I’ll take the Garmin
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