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    Divorce, Depression, & Despair

    A hearty +1 on being willing to talk to a professional, even once or twice. A double-helping of this for the kids. It's hard to see how your kids are really taking it, and it can take years to rear its head. I'm speaking as someone who benefitted greatly from this - my sisters and I had our...
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    The First Aid Kit Thread

    The best reason to buy a new First Aid Kit bag is because your old one is starting to fall apart. The second best reason is because it forces you to take inventory and re-stock. I've replaced all of the meds and adhesive bandages from the old kit. The meds because it's easier to ensure I've...
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    Camp Cookwear Sets

    Hey all, I'm bumping this old thread to call out this issue with the Sea-to-Summit swiveling pot-handle design again, as the company has announced a voluntary recall of some versions of the latch component on their Alpha and Sigma pots: They are...
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    The First Aid Kit Thread

    Good timing on the bump to this thread. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the BROG "Medium" FAK bag. It's arriving today and I'm excited to start transferring stuff into it tonight. My wife gave me some (good natured) ribbing this week: "I'm not sure what exactly it says about you that...
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    Missing Person At Risk: Salton Sea/Slab City Area

    Hello all. I've got a little more information. His car was found by off-roaders in a wash, west of CA-86, on Sunday 1/3, which triggered an S&R event. It was called off after 4 or 5 days. The notion that he was headed to Slab City was based on printed material found in his car. Sheriffs have...
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    Missing Person At Risk: Salton Sea/Slab City Area

    Thanks, Dave.
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    Missing Person At Risk: Salton Sea/Slab City Area

    Hello Adventurists - I just found out a family friend has gone missing. I know some of us are able to get out and enjoy desert season, so I would be much obliged if anyone spending time in the California Salton Sea or Slab City area could keep an eye out. If you believe you've seen Carl...
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    Group Buy: American Adventurist Edition - Last US Bag

    Test fit was a success. Fits nice and tightly on our rear cargo box, and it answers my biggest question - the LUSB bag definitely avoids that "saggy diaper butt" problem I had with the Trasharoo. Our Trasharoo gave great service for the last ~7 years, but because we mounted it on a small rear...
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    Group Buy: American Adventurist Edition - Last US Bag

    Agreed. Build quality seems awesome. Will get mine on the van just as soon as I'm done sorting out water main issues under the slab... FML.
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    Don't miss the Christmas Star Monday December 21

    This was my best photo. Rather than burn time/energy on getting the camera connected to the 'scope, I focused on letting the kiddo geek out, and I just shot her instead... We were able to see clear rings on Saturn and four of Jupiter's moons, so I'll call it a "win".
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    Air Compressor Options?

    I like the approach, but at some point you're carrying 50' of air hose and 5lbs of brass just to save yourself a few minutes. :D
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    Air Compressor Options?

    I'm the one who bought that compressor (400c)! It's working great and replaces my 400p, which is plenty fast enough for my relatively small tires. I'm happy to trade a little time to inspect the rig for the very lightweight and compact package. I've got mine rigged tankless with a regulator...
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    Desert Turtle - M1010 Build

    There's really nothing in the world like BBC power. Happy memories of my youth spent in the middle of the bench seat of my grandfather's late-'70s C30 camper model with the 454.
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    Another story on why it's so critical to carry an emergency communication device

    As with most such events, it's usually a succession of errors or accidents that lead to tragedy. When there's it's a death or serious injury, the story is almost universally about more than one failure along the way. We've all encountered challenges, but the idea is to stop the dominoes from...
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