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    "Hors d'oeuvres/Appetizers" for Camp.

    As a meatatarian I can appreciate this invention.
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    2019 Mountain Rendezvous

    The bacteria have progressed past the iron age and developed sophisticated architecture such as the arch.
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    2018 Taco TRD Offroad

    I'm thinking of doing something crazy like a Norweld Tray & Canopy.
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    2018 Taco TRD Offroad

    One contains the side tarps for the awning. The other contains a dutch oven and all the ropes, spikes, etc., for the awning and side tarps.
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    2018 Taco TRD Offroad

    Why a Rooftop Tent? Going back to my original plan I had always intended the Tacoma to be part of my sleeping solution but the sum of the decisions just didn't work. First. I got the wrong cap. A taller one with a walk-in rear door would have been more suitable. The sleeping platform took up too...
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    The Grey Mouser: Reboot

    One thing I was looking into was VF Tune for the Tacoma. It's can flatten the torque profile and make the 3.5L run like the FJ's 4.0L. For the cost of $390 (+ the software and cables) is far cheaper than most other mods. Much cheaper than a regear...
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    Moab Utah; Red Rock Canyon Country

    Every mile with a smile.
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    Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own: TerraPod

    When I purchased mine I asked. The rainfly color has a few selections. As far as the shell goes it's white and silver only. Black was tried and it just got too hot. I would think an automotive vinyl shop could customize it to anything you want it. Tent fabric, not sure. Maybe in the future...
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    Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own: TerraPod

    Other than dirt bagging this is the fastest tent I've set up. Clip the dog leash onto the lid. Undo the 2 latches. Give it a little nudge and it's up. Closing it is almost as simple with two extra steps. The first is making sure the windows are about halfway open to let air out as the top...
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    The Random Dose of FUNNY Thread

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    a project i've been working on

    My answer is D: all of the above.
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    Samsung tablet for Gaia or with any offroad app's?

    I ended up modifying the ram mount that I had for my iPad. The top of the side cradles were cut off and sanded smooth.
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    Early stages of planning to cut a BFH in my van.

    For the plywood & epoxy fillet system you could sub out the plywood with marine grade plastic. You work it just like wood. Router the edges, etc. It won't degrade like plywood when exposed to water and it's lighter. Cost-wise though I can't tell you for what you want to do. I only used it for...
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