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    a project i've been working on

    Looking forward to some of the Rub making it down here to Texas ;) Keep us posted!!!
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    25 years

    Congrats to the young love birds!!! On the 25th we celebrate our 49th :) I'll need a bigger steak ;) :)
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    Finally getting to do some exploring & camping

    LOVE IT!!! If you come down here to TX I'd love to see it in person! Here's to many smiles over many miles!
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    30 day all expense paid vacation for me!

    GOOD LUCK and best wishes!!! Only the best to you and your family!!!
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    Crap! Ice Storm

    ArkansasDon, I love that room! We too are iced in down here in TX... will fire up our wood stove today ;)
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    Bug Out Bags: Basic Gear You Need to Have

    Good list... may need a couple additions if you travel with your 4 legged furry friends :)
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    Fees at national parks waived for veterans, Gold Star families starting November 2020

    Yep Sr Pass here too but we can still use at COE and National Forests for price breaks ;) Thanks for your SERVICE buds and Semper FI!!!
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    New Mexico 2020 Socially distancing

    Not really a "Trip Report" but wanted my fellow "Rovers" to see New Mexico and pass into Colorado for a few miles in late summer. Just returned for a week there with friends. Great trip to get out of the Texas heat :)
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    Need some assistance in Vermont

    I carry CO2 and once I came upon a buggy that nneded a shock filled. We used the CO2 and he was on his way. Maybe you can MacGuyverize a fill?
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    Canoe camping 3-day float

    Make sure ALL gear is in WP bags and secured to canoe. Jet boil and dehydrated food works great even instant coffee. Plan for rain if it does in your area and bring a sponge or way to keep water from building. SPOT X or Inreach would be smart. I lost my hat last trip overnight and was pissed so...
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    Anyone have a recommendation for canoes?

    May I suggest a local Canoe livery shop? They sell their used boats at decent prices. Yes they get used a lot but are also maintained quite well. Buy from them and then when satisfied with what you want or need buy new. If you decide a canoe is not what you needed you are not out the big...
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    Welcome... where you hang when in Texas? I'm an Old Fart too and get out and about a lot. Love to meet on the trails :) We are located in Eddy, just south of Waco.
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    Air Compressor Options?

    ArmyRN I actually like the setup! I ride 2 different vehicles and looking for a setup I can carry in either... as a backup. I use CO2 but on one longer trip I ran out and had to find a refill. Had buds with me if I had need air but looking for compact backup. Can I get specs?
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