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    AT Overland is hiring!

    AT Overland Equipment (Adventure Trailers Inc) based in Prescott, Arizona is growing and we are looking for qualified and motivated people to join our team. We have two key positions that we need to fill: Shop Foreperson: This position requires a well-rounded skill set. The right person for...
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    Dave's Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Project: Zephyrus

    What we have did for a similar flatbed/camper set up we built on another 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7 with an AEV lift kit was to use the Airlift 5000 kit and the Daystar cradles. This allows for the air spings to support the additional load while still being to separate from the axle when drooping...
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    Is FRP (FlipPac) still in business?

    I thought I should jump in here. To clarify, for every single Flippac that was sold through AT that had any warranty problem, and there were a few, we 100% went to bat for those clients to source replacement parts and make repairs in house. We also helped out countless others who did not...
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    Dave's Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Project: Zephyrus

    I agree it would be too high to be practical. I also think the batwing legs would be too short. On the similarly built AT Dodge the awning case is 8'10" above the ground. The Fiamma F45 2.6 that the camper is equipped with is very easy to use with the provided extended hand crank and is an...
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    TAT to Overland Expo East

    Day 5 We finally got some internet access today to get caught up on our blog. Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas, whew what a day!
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    TAT to Overland Expo East We thought that our trek from the AT Overland shop inPrescott, AZ to the Overland Expo East outside of Asheville NC should be more interestingthan simply pulling an Ironman marathon on the slab of asphalt across thecountry. Instead we have decided to take the...
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    2014 American Adventurist Event Schedule

    AT Overland will be in attendance at the Appalachian Rendezvous and to support the event in any way we can. We are excited to meet East Coast adventurers and play in new territory to us. We plan to have a JK Habitat and at least one trailer in tow. Any special requests?
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    2014 Desert Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Adventure Trailers and Equipt Outfitters will be there with bells on! We're bringing a fully kitted Chaser trailer, JK Habitat and the Equipt 4Runner. See you there!
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