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    The Official Dometic CFX Fridge Feed!

    Let us know if you have any questions and post some pictures of your other Dometic products!
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    It's a New Year!

    The new year means new adventures, new places to get out to and explore! Our team at Dometic has several trips planned, shows, events and places to go! Where will you and your Dometic products go? Share some photos with us in the feed & through Instagram using #DometicOffRoad. If you aren’t...
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    Dometic CFX 75 DZ W

    This is an absolutely amazing review!
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    Portable fridges?

    Glad to see that we could keep you in the Dometic family with the newer CFX! Looks like a solid set up and we love to hear that you're happy with it!
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    Bailey's 2010 Tundra - Adventure Build (w/ Trip Photos)

    Let us know when you're ready and we can help get a Dometic into your truck! Looks awesome and ready for adventure at any time!
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    Holiday Sales & Our 2018 Journey!

    It’s December! And that means Christmas time. But it also means sale time... Get the gift of your dreams and take your 2019 adventures to the next level! We have sales on ALL Dometic products through December 21st. 15% off and FREE ground shipping. Use code: SNOW & visit our site for more...
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    Show Us Your CFX Set Up!

    You have a great setup! That looks awesome!
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    Show Us Your CFX Set Up!

    Many of you are familiar with our CFX Series Fridge/Freezers, a compact powered cooler for pretty much every adventure. Something we see and hear all the time is the importance of how adventurers set them up in their rigs. Whether it be in their vans, off-road vehicles, campers or daily...
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    Dometic goes to Overland Expo East!

    We'll see you there!
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    Dometic goes to Overland Expo East!

    We're expecting it to be a great show!
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    Dometic goes to Overland Expo East!

    We'd love for you to stop by!
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    Dometic goes to Overland Expo East!

    Our team will be at Expo East this November! We want to meet you and see your rigs! Come check us out and grab a free ice cream sandwich! We will have a series of Toyotas and Jeeps on display in our booth including @Fargo4x4 the 4Runner. If you're in the market for a CFX fridge/freezer we will...
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    Dometic and Tread Lightly Partner!

    Hey! We hope the 25k mile challenge was fun for some of you! Thank you all for participating and stay tuned for what we have coming next! - Dometic / TreadLightly! Team
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