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    Another story on why it's so critical to carry an emergency communication device

    Love my InReach, but I also just passed my HAM Tech exam so I have yet another option in my comms array.
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    New to The Jeep World

    Stock gearing on a V8 ZJ should be 3.73:1. You should be able to confirm on the axle tag or if you pop the cover it will be stamped into the ring gear.
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    New to The Jeep World

    The front is a Dana 30. It's the exact same axle as a TJ or XJ/MJ D30 including the mounts and everything. When I broke my D30 I swapped one in from a TJ and it bolted right now. So, in theory, if you found a D44 from a TJ Rubicon it would bolt up to a ZJ.
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    Tire sizes in zj trunk?

    I know a 35 won't fit for sure.
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    New to The Jeep World

    I miss my ZJ. Had two: a '96 with the 318 V8 and a '97 with the 4.0 I6. Such an underrated platform. I'm looking at picking one up to replace the WJ I bought off my brother. The only thing to watch out for are the transmissions. It's not a question of if they will go bad, it's just a matter...
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    Tire sizes in zj trunk?

    I could fit a 31x10.50 on a stock wheel back there. A 31x10.50 on a shallower back-spacing wouldn't work with the stock hook, but would still work in the stock location. Custom bending some all thread would work.
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    Looking for help installing a Redarc BCDC Charge Controller

    Where at? I could use some wiring and stuff for my install. I was going to go all the way up to Crutchfield, but if you have a local guy I'd hit them up.
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    LED Light Replacement for Square Lights

    Are they the same as the Jeep XJ 5x7s? I know there is some interchangeability on some years. If so, Rigid Industry has a LED light that would fit.
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    Help me decide how to install a second battery in the bed of my Gladiator

    I use a Artec battery tray for mine. Works great and is very secure. Trick is just mounting it to something in your bed. I'd also look into a battery box just to keep anything from shifting and bumping into the battery terminals. So a box big enough for the Artec tray to fit inside would be...
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    New Defender Versus Jeep Gladiator on Trail

    100%. They'd be better off comparing the new Defender to the Grand Cherokee, not the Gladiator.
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    Meet SHERPAH, my Gladiator build...

    Figures I'd see this today. LoL Totally didn't put two and two together.
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    2021 Jeep Gladiators being built in Ohio

    One of my fondest memories from last year was touring the FCA plant in Toledo and seeing both the JL/JLU and JT assembly lines. Link: A tale of two tours
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    Air Compressor Options?

    HOLY AMPERAGE DRAW!!! A peak of 100amps. The ARB twin only draws 50. So the Sherpa is like running TWO ARB twins at the same time, which if you double the CFM rate of the ARB it'd be better than the SHERPA. So yeah, no wonder it's so much more powerful, it's physically a larger compressor...
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    Jeep Farout Concept Vehicle

    How FarOut is the price? Although I guess it's just a concept.
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    VIRTUAL Overland Expo, Saturday August 8th 2020

    Survival Shelter Roof Thatching 101
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