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    August Monthly Trail Run - Saturday 08/27 Big Bear (MRV Run)

    I would really like to go if there is space, please add me to the wait list.
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    2016 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Screen Name: Croe Name: Collin Roberts Paypal Username: RSVP and paid paypal confirmation: 7B5987325W5372203
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    2015 Tacoma double cab build up

    I definitely love the look of the all pro APEX bumper more than any other bumpers out there, just not enough funds to make that purchase now. Thank you though!
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    2015 Tacoma double cab build up

    thanks! can't wait to get out I am always looking to get in the dirt.
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    2015 Tacoma double cab build up

    Ok thanks, not sure why, I was seeing them, but I removed them being embedded and used the code instead, let me know if it still doesn't work thanks.
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    2015 Tacoma double cab build up

    Here is the start of my build thread it will be a work in progress with more details to follow on some of my upgrades and projects, for now just wanted to get some pictures up. 2015 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab long bed 4x4 SR5. purchased brand new Toyota Poway, after a grueling struggle with other...
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    SOLD!!! 2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4WD

    wow! this is really clean truck you did a great job with the upgrades and upkeep with such low miles you should have no problem grabbing this thing, If I had the extra cash I would definitely get it!
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    Adventure Planning: Gear Lists

    This is a very comprehensive list, thank you for posting this as it has got me thinking of a better inventory system for my BOB and also a very healthy reminder to change out my meal bars and MREs seasonally.
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    Hello all, My name is Collin..Southern California native currently residing in Oceanside. I have been registered member on the site for a couple months now I think. I came across a rendezvous picture on instagram one day and became really excited about possibly going to the desert, however I was...
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