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    Adventure power source

    there is an adapter that allows it to be charged with a small solar panel while in use. I'd have to do some digging around for the video. The applications for this battery in the backpacking, paddle sports or even just to have as a small back up to whatever you feel the need to hook up to it, is...
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    Adventure power source

    Kelly and I have started getting into the world of kayaking. While pouring through videos on youtube, I came across these batteries from Nocqua adventure gear. Water proof, very light weight and portable, 10Ah life, 2amp charger. They also make a LED light system and a bunch of accessories...
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    Alpacka Rafts

    When i went rafting on the Chiliwack river in BC, some of the guides that were not on the rafts had these. We hit class III rapids and the little boats kept on chugging. If i had the chance i would snag one up for sure. Not a lot of rivers down here in SD, but plenty of ocean :D:D
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    Bucket List Trips

    Saw that. Just being able to cross the states by mostly off road would be exciting.
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    Bucket List Trips

    from the tip of Alaska to the tip of Chili. On road, Off road doesn't really matter. Just being able to do a trip like that would be amazing. The logistics though..........oy. The TAT trail looks pretty cool though. Just checked out the website.
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    been think of selling my trailer

    @woodienut is selling his bad ass trailer @ArkansasDon. Take a look at it. My wife and I got a chance to check it out and fell in love. If we had the cash we would be all over it.
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    Windfall. What would you buy?

    Ranch in Montana (with a nice little house/BIG steel shop) New RZR turbo 1000, toys for the boys and some sleds for the winter. Keep'n the jeeps. New tow pig and a couple little cabins for the family when they visit (at least a mile down the road :D:D) and done..............I...
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    White Lightning!!!

    It's funny that you would mention the shroud Bob. That is seriously the biggest fan shroud i have ever seen hahahaha. I'm not a huge fan of the fast back cage. i like the cage Bob welded up on the YJ crawler. ......someday that will change. As far as the t-case and running gear, I want to keep...
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    White Lightning!!!

    cleans up pretty nice!!
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    Group Buy Round Six: American Adventurist Edition Trasharoo

    Hey Dave let me know when you do another round of Trasharoos. I'm in for a tan one. Didn't see this post till today :(
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    White Lightning!!!

    It begins again. Another jeep has been added to the family. Meet White Lightning, a 1991 YJ. She is sporting the all powerful 2.5L inline 4 with the AX5 tranny coupled to a NP231 t-case. completely stock interior minus the radio. Had to rebuild the T-case, but she is ready for some daily driving...
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