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    2012 Toyota Tacoma Build

    Sounds excellent, can't wait to see some pics!
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    Reading some of the posts above made me think of a video I just watched concerning the "reopening" in the United States. The Dr. in the video made a comment about how so far it seems the U.S. has been reactive without data and also too late. Will make decisions about reopening in the same way...
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    So What Are You Binge Watching Now?

    Watched all the episodes of Nat Geo's Hot Zone. Similarities were a bit eerie.
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    Moving forward from the Pandemic

    Reading another article earlier today (hit me up if you want me to dig it up and share) they wrote that continuing our policy of extreme social distancing for another two weeks allows us options in the future. In two weeks things may look differently (maybe worse with rates of mortality on the...
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    Very well written. Thank you for this.
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    2019 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Donation made At this time it will be 1 person, 1 Tacoma, and a 1 mountain bike.
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    2018 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Will we know which trail system the Friday OHV ride with Tony will be? First post has Grand Overland/Big Creek, just wondering. thanks! Anyone there yesterday and today is enjoying some great fall weather.
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    ARV Post yer Rigs!!!

    Two weeks ago at Uwharrie My dad arrives this evening from ID. Watching the forecast to determine when we will check in for the weekend.
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

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    2018 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Donation made. Tacoma with 2 people. Loving the date change, hoping for cooler weather.
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    HB neon orange dead blow hammer - storage beware

    Purchased this awesome piece of kit to help drive in tent stakes in the fall after struggling to get them secure on a trip that had us set up over some rocky terrain. Hammer has lived in one of my totes with other essential gear for camp. Got in to this tote yesterday to start squaring...
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    Yakima Rocketbox

    I was just throwing this out there to see if anyone had any experience using a Yakima Rocketbox (or similar cargo box) for transporting equipment to the campsite. I've been giving serious consideration to all the options for transporting my Oztent RV5, cots, chairs... and thinking this would...
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    Looking for OZ Tent reviews

    Thank you for those who've revived this thread. Wife and I purchased our RV5 last fall and have used it several times already. We couldn't be more pleased and are happy that Jason S. convinced me to purchase all the extras to create the "front porch" My issue is transport. 2013 Tacoma short bed...
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    The Random Dose of FUNNY Thread

    High School where I currently work has two full time auto tech teachers and full service garage. Recently they have added state inspections to the services that they provide. They were also featured in our local news for the all female class they added this year. Despite what some think, there...
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    Overland Expo EAST 2018: Official Thread

    2 quick videos showing the road leading to the ranch from Hendersonville, NC and also the long driveway to the ranch barn. We spoke with the woman who lives on the property and she knew of the event and was excited to see it coming this fall. From what she said, the brewery owns the property on...
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