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    2019 Overland Expo West Journey Through Arizona

    It was awesome to see a bunch of my shots get used in the final video. Looking forward to what we can do next year!
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    Overland Expo West 2019

    Overland Expo West 2019 may have just ended, but here at American Adventurist we’re already looking forward to Overland Expo East 2019 and beyond. That’s because Overland Expo continues to be an event that raises the bar year by year with more and more awesome people, new gear, and epic...
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    Dometic CFX 75 DZ W

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    Bailey's 2010 Tundra - Adventure Build (w/ Trip Photos)

    Nice work! Really wish they still made trucks like they used to - my first gen. Taco has solid steel bed rails. None of this swiss cheese nonsense!
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    Overland Expo West 2018

    Packing All of the Things into the Internet's Attention Span Overland Expo West can’t be contained in a single article. Well, okay, yes, we could make a ten part article with hundreds of awesome photos, but it would be so heavy for your browser that it would take forever and a day to load on...
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    Project Tundra // Winter (Pre-OXW) Update

    RXT Rear Suspension Late last fall, Project Tundra received a pre-production set of ICON Vehicle Dynamics RXT rear suspension – and the change these RXT parts made to the vehicle's performance was profound. The RXT system is made up of a user-configurable, Icon leaf spring pack that replaces...
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    DIY: The Ultimate Headlamp (Or Practically Anywhere Lamp)

    The LiPo I used is a great option. 4+ hours of runtime and it weighs less than 2 pounds. You don't even know its in your pack.
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    DIY: The Ultimate Headlamp (Or Practically Anywhere Lamp)

    The light output is definitely worth the weight penalty. Honestly none of the folks that rode with the light in testing or for photos even mentioned the weight of the light.
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    DIY: The Ultimate Headlamp (Or Practically Anywhere Lamp)

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    Mosko Moto Nomad Tank Bag

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    Snowbike Project – Part 2

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    Snowbike Project – Part 1

    It's too much fun! They're definitely not as efficient as dirtbikes, and snow conditions will have a huge impact on your fuel range - chugging thru powder will take more fuel than hardpacked snow. We would haul extra 5 gallon cans on our bikes up to where we were riding, and then circle back...
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    Snowbike Project – Part 1

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    Desert Rendezvous 2018

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    SureFire Maximus

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