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    First solo road trip- Chicago to Glacier National Park!

    You're going to have a blast! I love doing this but I usually have my little boy with me so its not quite the same. 1) Pick up a National Parks pass at the first NP you get to, that way you won't pay entrance fees at every single park. You can also stop at the National Monuments along the way...
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    Foot Print or Tarp

    Someone purchased my tent footprint for me. It was super thoughtful, but probably a purchase I wouldn't have made. I do use it though, might as well. Supposedly you can build a lightweight shelter with the footprint/poles and fly without bringing the tent body, you just have to guy out. I've...
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    Big Bear over the weekend with Goose Gear

    Wow.....really like that campfire/starry sky shot!
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    California Camping

    Dan, just throwing it out there..... Don't know what your timeline is, but I have a Yosemite reservation July 30 - August 2 with room for 2 more people and 1 more vehicle. It's in a "campground" lol, but Yosemite is worth dealing with that. I will be hiking half dome and out and about for the...
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    Truly? My mom always has a grocery bag tied to the outside of her pack and I'M the one who has to do all the bending to pick up the trash on the trail. Honestly though, we might find a water bottle or the top of a gel pack on the trail sometimes, (on the PCT we find, but don't pick up, poo...
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    Someone will know....

    Thanks, everyone! Herbie, did you just hold it up to the window and trace along the inside?
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    Someone will know....

    My son and I just had a great spring break road trip through Arizona and Nevada. We did a little bit of everything from campsites to BLM land to hotels. We did dispersed camping in two different places. Both times we slept in my Honda Element which was very comfortable. The first time we...
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    New to smart phones - recommend me some apps, please.

    MLB AtBat, I also use the memo function all the time.
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    DirtRoadTrip's Top Ten Overlanding Tips

    Those snow peak cups are $50! Out of control for a cup! I sort of get it for ultralight backpackers, but for over landing where shaving ounces isn't a big deal? I just don't get it.
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    So where do you go when you have to go?

    Same. If its not allowed they will tell you, like in the Whitney zone. I do pack out my TP though and just bury the waste.
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    2015 SoCal Desert Rendezvous: Official Thread

    We are out :/ Have a family thing I can't get out of. Sorry for the last minute notice.
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    Red Rock canyon

    I though you meant Red Rock outside Vegas. Who knew there were so many Red Rocks! I have another suggestion for you. Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area at the 15 and 138. Its good for a quick weekend trip, especially if you have kayaks, and the bathrooms are always clean...
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    What are some great cardio/aerobic exercises?

    You could try to find an exercise video you like. I like the P90X Kenpo Kickboxing video. It really gets the heart rate going.
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    Hammock tent

    I see that everyone likes the Warbonnet, and I know you wouldn't steer me wrong. The thing is I already have a nice Big Agnes backpacking tent, so I really can't take money out of the family budget for this. I was going to use gift cards I have and the 20% REI member coupon that comes out soon...
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    Hammock tent

    So I've been considering getting one of these now that I'm past the desert part of the PCT. I have gift cards to REI so it would be an eno or a hennessy. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with hammock camping? I keep imagining that one side will fall down even though I've never heard of...
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