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    Motos for the 2020 Desert Rendezvous?

    Coming in on Thursday and I'm up for a ride on Friday. Looking to pre run some trails to take the van on Saturday.
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    2020 Desert Rendezvous: Official Thread

    RSVP'd Transaction #3MN83310Y21448458
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    2017 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous: Official Thread

    15S65476TA445463C Paid......Brent
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    2014 Toys for Tots: Official Thread

    The Wife and I if there is still room....
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    Bishop Creek Canyon & the White Mountains....

    Quick trip to Bishop area last week. Originally planned the last minute trip to test the Triton On Demand Water Heater at altitude. I was hoping to catch a little color changing at the same time but the locals told me I missed most of it the week before. So I snapped a few pics and set out...
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    The 2014 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous - A story in pictures courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography

    Thanks All, had a great time and glad you enjoyed the pics!! Feel free to download photos of yourself..... Dave, do you want to post that download link here somewhere?
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    2014 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Couple event images from last year.....
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    Aqua Cube

    Friend picked one of these up yesterday. Worked great on testing at home. Full use report coming from the next trip....
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    Trip Report: Inyo Mountains, Panamint Range and Beyond, January 2013

    J E A L O U S.....I need to make this trip especially after reading this.....
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    Anza Borrego this last weekend....

    Thanks Mitch, really been thinking about it but not sure I can get away this weekend. If something changes I'll give you a heads up. Couple spots around the Salton Sea that i have not been to in awhile that I would like to see again.
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    Anza Borrego this last weekend....

    Couple images from last weekend in Anza Borrego.
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    24 hrs in Borrego Springs

    Thanks for the Trip report Mitch, forgot that I'll try to load up a few more images this week. Many for quick trips like that to be had in that area including that dry lake bed...
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    24 hrs in Borrego Springs

    24 hrs in Borrego Springs with Mitch & Trump..... More photos at the link below:
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    Show Us Where You've Been..

    Just returned from 9 days in the Mammoth area. Quick pic of camp at 3:00 am halfway up Laurel Lakes Road over looking the Mammoth Valley. More coming...
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