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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Yep, people have to understand that wild fires are part of the deal with living in rural areas, no way around it, eventually it HAS to burn.
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    GM Gurus: Any way to look up torsion bar spring rates?

    No worries, glad it worked out for you.
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    GM Gurus: Any way to look up torsion bar spring rates?

    The only help I might have is contacting Sway-Away, they used to make torsion bars for the GM pick-ups. Don't even know if they are still around anymore. Didn't see anything GM on their site, maybe something will cross over for you.
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    Rare Rigs

    Ford Model T camper...
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    The Bobcat Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains

    Doesn't look like the fire fighters are winning .
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    Dave's Jeep JT Gladiator: The 'Gator
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    The Random Dose of FUNNY Thread

    This one is metric, but they come in standard sizes as well.:eek:
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    [Share the Trail] Disappointed in Backcountry Discovery Route's change in stance against 4x4s

    This is a prime example of what drives ne crazy, and why we'll never beat the highway factions can't get along with each other long enough to fight a good fight...meanwhile the Steal the Area Club...I mean Sierra Club stand in front of grocery stores and gets countless sheeple to...
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    New truck

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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Another idiot at Yellowstone, 72 year old woman approached within 10Ft of a Bison several times...paid the price!
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Yikes! We had a bear in camp years ago on the Rubicon Trail, camped at Rubicon Springs. Thankfully it wasn't aggressive.
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    2019 Ranger build

    I'm not one to mince words...I just looked at Dave's JT build and saw his Hi Lift jack/mount, etc. I stand by my theory that there are enough Hi Lifts on the average trail run (I still own two of them, given a couple more away) I personally don"t feel the need to carry one, the Safe Jack...
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    2019 Ranger build

    ^^^^mounting brackets, attachments, various other sundry items...I rounded up!:cool:
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    2019 Ranger build

    I'm Covid bored...stop reading now if "thread drift" bothers you...the Ranger is technically Machelle's...the '06 Rubicon Unlimited (long wheel base 2 dr, 3 years of production) we traded it in for was her was a mild, but capable build (4.5" Rubicon Express lift, Kilby armor, metric...
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    What's we demolish the Washington monument, change the currency/coins, blow up Mt Rushmore and Stone Mountain? Why can't true history be taught rather than the historical gibberish I was "educated" with. Taking the Pyramids down in Egypt is going to be interesting!
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