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    2021 KOH

    Last second decision, BFG called and asked if I could make it to KoH to help out in the remote pit. We're headed out at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow.
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    Baja California

    Nice. I had a slide in pop up camper in my '06 Dmax, two peninsula runs (chasing), and countless stateside trips finally beat my camper into submission. It sure is a nice way to travel Baja though. You guys have to hit Bahia de Los Angeles, amazing place to kayak/snorkel, we try to stay at...
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    Missing Person At Risk: Salton Sea/Slab City Area

    Sent to a friend that is out there right now, just went through Slab City.
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    2020's last great act of misery...another change to plastic gas cans... ...I can't wait to see how bad these leak fuel all over the place when trying to use them...legislation doesn't fix STUPID.
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    Slide in Camper on Power Wagon

    Very valid argument IMO. Riding shotgun and worrying/back of her mind concerns, make a good trip not so good.
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    "Come Up"

    Come up lantern is hanging in the middle of the awning. Trailer life version of a man cave!
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    Slide in Camper on Power Wagon

    I’m not well versed enough to have the solution for it, I thought Daystar had a solution but wasn’t sure/no experience with the product. Mostly just throwing the precaution out there. Old school rule if thumb, it takes three more mods to make the first one work right!
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    Slide in Camper on Power Wagon

    The challenge with bags is you need limit straps to keep the bags from over extending and tearing. (Bags on my '06b GMC 2500, love them for the adjustabilty for the load).
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    Hyundai enters the Overland game

    Hyundai/Kia have never grasped the naming of vehicles IMO. When I worked for Kia and they introduced the Borrego (fullish size SUV), I immediately questioned the name...borrego is Spanish for SHEEP! I'll admit, they do make some really good vehicles these days.
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    "Come Up"

    I'm a "recycler" so to speak...for those that don't know me, my wife and I have lived in a travel trailer for over 3 years now (still loving the lifestyle), anyway, I've discovered that weekend campers throw away an amazing amount of usable camping gear. I was walking my dogs tonight, walked...
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Yep, people have to understand that wild fires are part of the deal with living in rural areas, no way around it, eventually it HAS to burn.
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    GM Gurus: Any way to look up torsion bar spring rates?

    No worries, glad it worked out for you.
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    GM Gurus: Any way to look up torsion bar spring rates?

    The only help I might have is contacting Sway-Away, they used to make torsion bars for the GM pick-ups. Don't even know if they are still around anymore. Didn't see anything GM on their site, maybe something will cross over for you.
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    Rare Rigs

    Ford Model T camper...
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    The Bobcat Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains

    Doesn't look like the fire fighters are winning .
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