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    The Bobcat Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains

    I don't like the looks of the fire maps I am seeing, praying everything is OK @Mojoe Outfitters
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    The Bobcat Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains

    Thanks for sharing Cam, if you need anything make sure you reach out
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    Long weekend in Palm Springs area.

    It would be a long day but you could do a loop, highway up to Big Bear via interstate 10 to Highway 38, breakfast at Grizzley Manor Cafe, then run dirt through Big Bear, then down the mountain, lunch at Pappy and Harriets in Pioneer Town, small bit of pavement to the entrance of Joshua Tree, and...
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    Outwell Air Tent Pump failed on 2nd use

    Also, Welcome to American Adventurist head over and introduce yourself when you get a chance
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    Outwell Air Tent Pump failed on 2nd use

    Don't have any experience with the Outwell tents or their pumps so this may not be useful information, but looking at the Outwell website they appear to just be a standard air pump fitting. Based off of that I am assuming that the port on the tent has a basic check valve along the lines of this...
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    Long weekend in Palm Springs area.

    It is going to be hot, but there is a ton to see in Anza Borrego like Dave mentioned, there are also the Mud Pots, and the Pumpkin patch. Neither is somewhere you will spend a lot of time, but the drive to them is great and they are unique places worth seeing. If you want to escape the heat...
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    Air Compressor Options?

    Yes, but doubling the ARB also doubles the price.
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    Thats no secret
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    Air Compressor Options?

    It is a winch company out of Australia (yes, I know that does not mean anything)
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    Air Compressor Options?

    A while back I purchased a Viar setup but it was never very fast so I sold it and went back to an old used but reliable mv50. I only planned on using the mv50 for a couple months until I could order an ARB Dual, now it has been about 2 years and while the MV50 works, it just is not enough to...
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    2018 Lexus GX build

    That looks like a great replacement bag for my aging tire repair kit, and being from Last US Bag you can pretty much guarantee it will last a lifetime.
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    Anybody seen ArkansasDon?

    No account activity since late March
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    VIRTUAL Overland Expo, Saturday August 8th 2020

    As someone who has been lucky enough to visit, I would say this is a great opportunity
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    Camp Chef Vs Partner Stoves

    that sure is pretty but for that price, I would want to see a higher output.
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