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    JK traction control issue

    Rebel off road in Laguna Hills are good people and they definitely know Jeeps and their quirks.
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    Public Land Use: Closure Isn’t The Answer

    We see this in the Eastern Sierra, Big Bear and the Mojave. Damage done for a shot to put " on the gram", graffiti, litter, smashed beer bottles around remote campgrounds, etc. Sadly just a few inconsiderate buffoons are screwing the rest of us
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    Talk Me Out of a RTT

    Hookers in tents? -- It happens
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I remember my G.I Joe's from the 70's. Seems like some people took inspiration from their childhood toys to build their adult play-things Lets see -- roof top lights, check -- drone, check -- detachable trailer, check - and on, and on, and on :jeep50
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    Austin’s Jeep JLU - “The Billet Bullitt”

    We use those particular fire roads frequently to avoid traffic in the pass. It's amazing the variety of vehicles you see trying to make it down Sheep Canyon to Swarthout Canyon. The lowered Honda and tour bus examples are only a couple of examples of the vehicles we've seen stuck on the low...
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    Austin’s Jeep JLU - “The Billet Bullitt”

    Until the genius in his lowered Honda civic tries to cut down the low road and hi-centers on a boulder. Or when the 26 passenger tour bus tried to cut that way during blue-cut. Too bad we can't remove those routes from WAZE and Google maps.
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    Keep an eye on the City of Victorville events page. They have HAM classes that are one weekend and include the test for technician on the last day. The instructor is an ECS member for San Bernardino County and a retired fighter pilot. You get test results the same day His passing rates are...
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Exactly this. Over this past weekend the wife and I realized we have absolutely screwed ourselves. We both grew up camping all over Holcomb Valley, Barton Flats and the San Jacinto mountains. Camping, like grab a blanket, maybe a pillow and enough food for the weekend camping. Even better if you...
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    Repair and Scene Lighting

    Is cost a big factor? There's always these guys; You can spend hundreds, or you can spend thousands. Just depends on how much influence your inner "first responder" has on budget decisions.
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    2018 Mountain Rendezvous: Official Thread

    Damn -- wish I could go especially since its only a mountain over from my place but my wife and I are teaching a C.E.R.T. class that weekend.
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    Overland Expo -- SEMA in a field?

    I've attended the Expo the last 4 years in a row and agree it's growing almost exponentially. I THINK IT'S FANTASTIC! There is truly no other "overlanding" (damn I hate that phrase) venue where you can actually taste, touch and smell the products while reviewing the variety of options available...
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    New 2019 Ram

    As a gov. worker one of my duties is writing the purchasing spec's for my fleet of utility service trucks. We are required (in our City) to use a "generic/non-specific" spec that doesn't intentionally keep any of the big 3 out of the running whenever possible but the final say in the purchase is...
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    Overland Expo West 2018

    Will definitely be there. 4th year in a row and already have the time off work.
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    Transferring again.............this time Southern California.

    We're in Phelan -- right around the corner from Victorville. Don't forget about close access to all the wonders and grandeurs of the Sierra's that will now be in your backyard. Monache and Kennedy meadows are just a couple of our favorites. And add in Convict Lake, Randsburg, the Bristlecones...
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    Overland Expo West 2017: Official Thread

    First experience was last year -- loved the area but am looking forward to the new location. Wife and I are leaving the high desert Thursday night for a quick stay in Kingman then on to Flagstaff the next day.
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