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    Heard some music today that sent me

    They did excellent!! Something about siblings that makes harmony pop. They have beautiful voices
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    CJ5 / CJ7 vs FJ40

    I would try a later model FJ cruiser or a Nissan Xterra over a CJ or FJ40. You would have to restomod the dog doo out of those (cj/fj40) just to get them reliable enough and parts would be a nightmare
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    quickie trip after completing my project

    That looks like a pretty cool little trailer!
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    My Dog Loves Camping!

    This is my lab, Opie. He loves camping anywhere, anytime and if there’s a lake nearby, GET OUT THE WAY!!!
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    Aggrocrag's Nissan Frontier

    That bumper looks great. (I cut mine on the seam but I’ve heard its better 1/2 above seam too) .
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    Kaibab Forest in a van

    So we went up to the kaibab looking for an overnight spot. Then I pulled out my new drone and . . .
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    Heard some music today that sent me

    Stay with it
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    Show Us Where You've Been..

    An old mine road
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    Van pics!

    This is my Nissan NV2500 HD. It's a 2wd strip down model but will work for what I have planned.
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    Hi, I just got a van and plan on traveling a little in it. Right now, I haven't done much to it but it will progress albeit slow. We plan to get it ready to roll and hit the coast.
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