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    supper this evening

    Those tacos are making my mouth water
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    25 years

    Congrats, I hope it works out;)
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    New Dual Sport or eBike

    I've become obsessed with this from Honda, I'm on a waiting list.
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    Old Town Guide 119

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    Pennsylvania Wanderings: Paddle Edition

    I just finished a trip on the Little Toby and Clarion rivers with my buddies GF. We put in on the Little Toby just below Brockway. It was high and fast and did not require much paddling. We stopped for lunch at a swinging bridge, that had once been a road bridge, And ate under huge red oaks. I...
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    New Product - Mind Blowing

    I've been working closely with several venders and have a prototype ready for production. It all started when prepping for river travel. The container needed to be light, compact, crush and water resistant. It had to be compatible with standard EMs. Enter the AEMC, (Al's English Muffin...
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    The Random Dose of FUNNY Thread

    I bought a replacement wheel barrow once in poly. My wife decided to clean out the wood burner one afternoon. The fire had been out for 2 days. She pushed the wheel barrow full of ash outside under the deck. Luckily my neighbor was a smoker. At mid-night, he called me and says" Hey you...
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    ^^^^I got "My cat is sick" two weeks ago, lol
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    Corona Down Time

    A drill press and chop saw make bush crafting so much easier! This is green (fresh cut) cherry. I’m curious to see if the joint gets loose as it drys out
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    Corona Virus, general conversation

    Am I reading this wrong or could we have been done with this last week?
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    Corona Down Time

    I went crazy with a pole saw yesterday and cut back ~15 limbs that were encroaching on the yard. It was very satisfying watching them fall, less so cutting them up and dragging them away,;)
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    Hummer is back.

    ^^^^Just had a flashback... "Daaad, this tastes funny"
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    I use Kiwi Camp Dry on my rain flys
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    Exotic Animal Photo Safari (Maryland)

    Is this Tiger Kings bothers place? Kidding. Fun to happen upon stuff
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