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AWIU #006 – Freddy Taul

Every week, we ask an Adventurist Who Inspires Us (AWIU) the same three questions. How much do we have in common?

Freddy Taul
Cover: Warehouse Manager
Location: Mobile, Alabama, USA

vehicle – hike – paddle

SITE: ExpeditionAlabama


What makes an adventure truly remarkable or meaningful, and why do you seek that? In other words, why must you go?

As a member of Overlanding USA, our motto “For the love of adventure, we must go!” is a driving force in my life. I grew up enjoying various outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. In recent years though, I have felt a deep longing for greater adventure in my life, and overlanding has provided a platform for that. The combination of camping, four-wheeling, and exploration makes for instant adventure!

This all led me to begin a project known as Expedition Alabama. Inspired by Sam Corerro, creator of the Trans-America Trail, I have set out to complete an overland route circling through the state. Seeing the route come together and seeing parts of Alabama that I would have never otherwise seen have been the highlight of the project. I can confidently say they don’t call it “Alabama the Beautiful” for no reason!


When are you most confident while on your adventures and what makes that possible?

Trip Preparation. I am a pretty organized person so I truly enjoy gathering all of my gear for a weekend out on the trail. I start early in the week before a trip and do a little work each evening leading up to departure. This keeps me from throwing everything together the night before. Much of my gear stays packed in boxes making prep work much quicker. Another helpful thing I do is make a list of tasks to complete as well as key items to take with me. Usually, this is done on my phone and I simply delete the task or item once it is complete.


Be honest, now, where do you feel least confident?

Vehicle mechanics! I have so much to learn in this area, but I am slowly picking up on more things I journey more into the world of overlanding. The vehicle-based nature of overlanding requires some mechanical knowledge. Thankfully, I know plenty of people who know more than me, so I try to hang around them when I can. This is also a reason I don’t travel alone on weekend explorations!

KNOWN LOCATIONS (most recent 3 adventures)

  • 06/16: Southern/Southeastern Alabama, Expedition Alabama route recon
  • 04/16: Northeastern Alabama, Expedition Alabama route recon
  • 02/16: Windrock Park, offroading
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