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AWIU #011 – Dunn Fout

Every week, we ask an Adventurist Who Inspires Us (AWIU) the same three questions. How much do we have in common?

Douglas Fout
Cover: Firefighter, Student, Owner of Home Grown Overland
Location: Sewanee, TN, USA

Truck, Hiking, Horseback

SITE: @homegrownoverland on Instagram


What makes an adventure truly remarkable or meaningful, and why do you seek that? In other words, why must you go?

I got a taste for adventuring fairly early on in life. My family owns a piece of land in midwestern Idaho, and over the years my dad had built a small, 1 room cabin which i spent almost every summer of my childhood in. Located in a valley at the foot of the Seven Devils mountain range, we used the cabin to base multi day camping trips on horseback deep into the wilderness. By a young age I was hooked on exploring the trail less traveled. The experiences you encounter when you find a truly unique place are almost indescribable. Watching the Milky way appear over a beach in Arizona, or cooking dinner in the prairies of the Badlands as a buffalo wanders into your camp. Having to chase off wolves in the middle of the night after I accidentally left food out. Both wonderful and terrifying, it is these experiences for which I live for.


When are you most confident while on your adventures and what makes that possible?

Be able to deal with the unexpected is my biggest strength. It adds a new aspect to adventuring that really requires you to think about the situation you are in. Having to clear a trail, or find an alternate route—it’s all part of exploring. Knowing that I can depend on my skills and knowledge to get me through any situation is one of the biggest comforts I have when out in unfamiliar territory. Self sufficiency is something I think every adventurist should strides towards.


Be honest, now, where do you feel least confident?

I would have to say that planning is my biggest weakness. I like the idea of the unknown so much that I tend to just pick a place and go there. I’ve found myself in some interesting situations when curiosity got the best of me. Having to reverse up a 1 mile rocky incline by myself due to road blockage was not a fun experience. I could benefit from a little more research on the front end.

KNOWN LOCATIONS (most recent 3 adventures)

  • 08/16: Badlands, SD
  • 08/16: Black Hills, SD
  • 08/16: Yellowstone, MT
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