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AWIU #007 – Richard Sterling

Every week, we ask an Adventurist Who Inspires Us (AWIU) the same three questions. How much do we have in common?

Richard Sterling
Cover: Agent, Universal Exports
Location: varies

Aston Martin DBS, Range Rover, et al.; Douglas DC3, et al.; hike, parkour, et al.

SITE: Universal Exports


What makes an adventure truly remarkable or meaningful, and why do you seek that? In other words, why must you go?

My life is a whirlwind of corporate funded drama. It can be daunting. Once, after a co-worker accidentally shot me, I decided I’d had enough and went off the grid for a few weeks. It was the closest thing to a holiday I’ve had in ages.

Someday, I’d love to find someone; someone special enough to travel the world with until one of us has to take an honest job… which I think is going to have to be her, because I have no idea what an honest job is.



When are you most confident while on your adventures and what makes that possible?

I’m known for my poker face and whatever-it-takes mindset. Given an objective, my focus is singular—achieve the objective at any cost. I prefer to play it cool and sweet talk my way in, but I’m pretty good with wet work, too. I go where others cannot—or will not—go; to whatever ends are required to complete the mission.


Be honest, now, where do you feel least confident?

I never really switch off. Even sat at a tropical paradise beachfront bar, I still find it hard to avoid the news. I’m also hard on my equipment at times. It’s not uncommon for me to return the company car missing a door or even half the car, assuming there’s anything left of it at all. I should probably work on that.

KNOWN LOCATIONS (most recent 3 adventures)

  • 2015: Mexico, Austria, Morocco
  • 2012: Istanbul, London, Shanghai
  • 2008: Haiti, Bolivia
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