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AWIU #005 – Tim Huber

Every week, we ask an Adventurist Who Inspires Us (AWIU) the same three questions. How much do we have in common?

Tim Huber, Office Cover- Underwriter-Inland Marine. Part Time gigs: Trainer, Overland Expo since 2009. Guide, Southwest. Trail Mapping since 2008: Department of the Interior.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

4×4 via a modified 1995 Land Cruiser, Bikepacking via a Niner Sir9, Dirt Bike via a KTM 450EXC, Tarmac/Graded dirt road car camping via 1988 Porsche 911, Backpacking via Scarpa hiking boots!



What makes an adventure truly remarkable or meaningful, and why do you seek that? In other words, why must you go?

I have to know what’s around the corner. Sure, I too have the desire to see the “named” trails and highly rated places, but my deepest desire is finding out where each and every dirt road with high grass or overgrown trees leads and why it was created. I love the forgotten places.


When are you most confident while on your adventures and what makes that possible?

I thrive on making decisions in the moment. Which trail to take or what line to choose, I like to leave much of the trip unplanned. (But I always have a backup plan.)


Be honest, now, where do you feel least confident?

Sometimes I have to try that hill climb, that sketchy line or like last weekend, that sketchy bridge. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, which was the case 3 days ago when the man-made bridge broke and left us stranded shoveling and winching for a few hours.

KNOWN LOCATIONS (most recent 3 adventures)

  • 07/16 Utah: Manti La Sal’s, Needles, Moab, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and everything in between. Hiked to seldom seen Native American Ruins
  • 06/16 Arizona: Apache Reservation: Visiting “Secret Spots” and fly fishing our way around.
  • 04/16 California: Mojave Desert and Death Valley. Visited 5 new and 6 old favorite adopt-a-cabins
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