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You might have wondered what’s been happening at Adventurist Life. The last quarter of 2016 was interesting times for us. Yep, we went through a bit of a restructuring at the end of the year. Yep, we had to back away from the print model…for now. Yep, we had to rethink the scope of our vision and set a few shorter-term, but more attainable, goals.

First, the Elephant in the Room

Yes, I can officially confirm that American Adventurist and Adventurist Life are now one! We wrapped up the final details of the merger just a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on this new website you’re viewing. It’s a great move for both entities: we’ve been close allies since day one and we share a common vision for the future of community and the magazine. I’m stoked to see what we are going to achieve working together.

Yes, I am continuing on as editor-in-chief. We also brought in some much-needed fresh blood because frankly, there was just too much work for our small team to get done alone (and some capabilities that were sorely lacking). Don’t worry, it’s all folks you know and who were already a part of our adventurist family.

There’s still a few features left to roll out—like full comments integration with the forum—so bear with us. All site features should be up and running by the end of the week. We have some exciting new content coming up…stay tuned!


If you’re new to American Adventurist please do have a look around, and head over to the forum to introduce yourself. And of course: be sure to follow us on the relevant social channels: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (yes, video content is in the works too).

Happy 2017! We’ll see you out there.

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  1. Chazz Layne says:

    Comments should now be up and running for all forum members.

  2. Redline says:

    Dig it. Looking forward.

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