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Chazz LayneEditor-in-Chief

Chazz Layne is a creative consultant and adventurist based in Prescott, Arizona. Born in Southern California—but raised with the independent spirit of solo travel—he’s been gifted with an eccentric mix of aesthetics, logic, minimalism, and wanderlust. Chazz lives his life with the philosophy of a curator, and subscribes to the mantra “Less, but better.”

Passion for adventure fuels his work as creative director of The Layne Studio, bringing creative vision to clients in the adventure, automotive, and outdoor industries. In addition to his work as a creative gun-for-hire, Chazz is our editor-in-chief and a regular contributor to several travel and adventure publications.

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Dani LayneEditorial Coordinator

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Chad de AlvaTechnical Editor

Chad de Alva is a (FAA 333 and Part 107 approved) drone pilot, filmmaker and photographer based out of Flagstaff, AZ. Born and Raised in Telluride, Colorado, Chad has grown up exploring and adventuring all over the Southwest. Before GoPros were a thing, Chad was the guy duct-taping and jerry-rigging cameras to himself and his friends to document their adventures. Cameras may or may not have been lost or been killed in action along the way.

Today, Chad’s work has taken him from the Alaska Range, to the bottom of the Grand Canyon working for companies like National Geographic and the BBC. He specializes in developing innovative solutions for documenting adventures in never before seen ways. Chad’s love of the outdoors and adventure is limitless.

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