Dave BennettFounder

Dave Bennett is the Founder of American Adventurist, an adventure travel Community dedicated to exploration, self-­sufficiency, and ethical outdoor recreation. Dave is an avid traveler with over 30 years of back country travel experience and a refined approach developed through extensive leadership of club­-organized trail ­rides and outdoor events.

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Chad de AlvaSenior Editor

Chad de Alva is a FAA approved drone pilot, filmmaker and photographer based out of Flagstaff, Arizona. Born and Raised in Telluride, Colorado, Chad has grown up exploring and adventuring all over the Southwest. Before GoPro cameras were a thing, Chad was the guy duct-taping and jerry-rigging cameras to himself and his friends to document their adventures. Cameras may or may not have been lost or killed in action along the way, but cameras can be replaced—experiences cannot.

Today, Chad’s work has taken him from the Alaska Range to the bottom of the Grand Canyon working with companies like the BBC and Nat. Geo. to help tell stories that move people. Chad combines his engineering background with his outdoor experience to develop innovative solutions for documenting adventures in never before seen ways. His love of the outdoors, adventure, and learning new things is limitless.

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Cris MateskiEditor

I am in my mid-thirties, married with our first child just turning one. I work in the entertainment industry, which keeps me in the city during the week, but it also supplies the gas money to get out of town. Over the last 15 years or so the love for the outdoor lifestyle has really grown. It does not matter if it is a short hike, an afternoon in the hammock, a night around the campfire, a day of off-roading in the Power Wagon, or a week-long overland trip that combines it all together with friends and family—you can sign me up.

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Chazz LayneEditor-at-Large, Creative Adviser

I’m a creative and adventurist based in Prescott, Arizona. Born in Southern California—but raised with the independent spirit of solo travel—I’ve been gifted with an eccentric mix of aesthetics, logic, minimalism, and wanderlust. I live my life with the philosophy of a curator, and subscribe to the mantra “Less, but better.”

Passion for adventure fuels my work as creative director of The Layne Studio, bringing creative vision to clients in the adventure, automotive, and outdoor industries. In addition to my work as a creative gun-for-hire, I’m a regular contributor to several travel and adventure publications.

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