Which aftermarket LED headlight for JK?

It’s time to remodel the front end of my JKU and I’m looking for feedback from those who have run either JW Speaker 8700s (J2) or KC Gravity (non-Pro) LED headlights. Not sure if this matters but I’ve landed on these two because the spec sheets have these as 5000K color temp, which matches the Baja Designs lights also going on the Jeep. Currently have stock non-LEDs so a pack rat with a flashlight would be a step up.
I went with the Evo J3’s, and yes, it’s a night-and-day difference! Awesome lights; color matches the Baja Designs, great coverage, and the high beams put out a nice oval centered in your lane while keeping the low beams on. My JK is an ‘07. Some of the trick stuff doesn’t work (no fancy disco start-up show, for instance; no loss, in my opinion) and I did not set them up to use the built-in turn signals, as I’m good with the stock ones. Living in SoCal, I opted to skip the heated version, but I would definitely go with it if I lived in snow country.
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I run the Rigid Industries/Truck Lite ones and they work great. They are also 5000k "white." I also agree on the heated ones if you live in an area that gets any kind of snow.
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