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W5BMF Aaron Wasson

Serious question: Im often tweaking my radio gear and the bed rack that my HF antenna is mounted on. Would anyone be interested in being a long distance contact for me to hit up from time to time for testing? Maybe set up an American Adventurist net for check-ins?


Cool thanks! I'm pulling the bed rack off this weekend to repaint it. I'll shoot you a pm when it's all back together.

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Charles C. Buchanan - KD0HXH

Got it in Colorado Springs, but now live in Galveston TX. Need to change that with the FCC before I get in hot water. :lawyer


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We have not.

While we are avid users on the trail, even some of us are involved with frequent use/nets/clubs, the majority enjoy ham for the clear long distance capable comms, because CB just isn't.

I used to be heavily involved with Los Angeles Disaster Communications Service, with regular check-ins, but the lovely people in charge of that org killed any sense of purpose I ever thought it held. Later taking part in a struggling local emergency group, I just lost interest in the whole idea.

Simplex comms from here on out for me unless forced into using a repeater.


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Do AA ever do a net check in?

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Like Mitch said, we dont have a net, but you may be interested in checking out Outdoor Adventures USA (www.oausa.net) They do an offroad / outdoors net on Thursday nights and are available via echoling and many linked repeater systems. There are a few guys from OAUSA over here, and they came out and did ham testing at our last Desert Rendezvous.
Umm...that would be Echolink (not echoling - is that some stupid bird or something?) :confused: :lol

Echolink, for licenced hams, will turn your computer into a ham radio. Most PC's these days have a built in mic, but if yours doesn't, then you'll need an external one. There's a little reconfiguration of your wireless router settings needed if you use one. Echolink requires a static ip address. System will allow you to talk via the internet to any individual that's also on or to/through any repeaters that are Echolink enabled.

OAUSA uses Keller Peak for their Thursday night nets.
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