What are the best threads on this Forum?

There are a lot of threads on here with great information. Build threads are always fun because you get to see what other folks are doing, how they're doing it and walk away with knowledge or inspiration. Trip reports do the same thing and offer a nice virtual escape.

One thing I've observed I think is interesting is that the site seems to slow down in it's number of new threads and replies during the weekends and then ramp back up during the week. Some other forums I visit are the opposite. I'd like to think it's because the membership here is out practicing what they preach, so to speak, on the weekends instead of armchair quarterbacking it like you see on so many other sites.


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There are three threads that I almost never skip.
  1. Build threads.
  2. Trip reports.
  3. How-to threads.
Group buy threads are great but that's for a smaller audience with a need. If I'm not in that audience then I skip it. It's one hell of an incentive to join though.

The destination threads for every state are also great but I use those on a as-needed basis. They're not an everyday visit.


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I like the Random Thoughts thread... IMO it's a good sampling of who we are, how we think, what kind of conversations we might have around a real campfire...with burning wood:cool: (I'm in CA, NEVER thought I would have to take a propane "campfire" to sit around).

The Random Funny thread is just as cool IMO...have a sense of what others think is amusing before meeting them in person.:D

While I kind of miss the "old boys club BS" of "The Pub"...I completely agreed with the decision that the staff made to eliminate it, for a number of reasons.

<not sucking up>I'm old, not as fat as I used to be, possibly grumpier...I call 'em the way I see 'em, don't give really give a damn about being politically correct...willing to debate a point over a beer(s) around a campfire without holding a grudge...life is too short. Dave and company run a hell of an operation around here IMO. The adventure travel community has benefited from this forum, the AAV Rendezvous events. etc.

It's easy to start a website (OK, not for me, borderline stupid on 'puters). Not so easy to pull off what Dave and company have pulled off. There is a wealth of good information here (without filtering through the BS on which color winch line is better, etc), real life experiences at the Rendezvous events,, honest evaluations from folks that use their gear, etc.</not sucking up>:cool:
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