well I'm all done

well it's all done!, I finished my last chemo treatment this morning. I have to say this was quite the ride & adventure, & during this time I felt gratitude the entire time, since my cancer never left it's original stage: low grade stage 1. The care I received has been nothing of compassionate, stress relief, heart warming. The entire staff is 100% genuine caregivers with comfort in mind.
They will be leaving my port in me for 2 more years, every 2 months I come in & have it flushed, every 3 month CT Scans & bloodwork. My 1st CT Scan is schedule the end of this month with the results 2nd week of April. Lost 20 plus pounds, some of my muscle mass, so nutritionist physical therapist suggested a high protein diet & exercise regimen lined out for me to put back what I lost & to get my stamina back up.
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Glad to hear it. My mom just finished 6 months of chemo a few weeks ago and has a similar maintence chemo schedule to yours. Stay healthy and get back out there on a new adventure!
thanks every one. My original plan was to get a separate vehicle to pull our trailer before all this chemo treatments started, it's funny how you have more time to ponder on to re-think your plans & how they change. Ol' Heavy as my wife calls my 2000 GMC truck only has 116,000 mile on her, it's got us to our destinations we planned out, pulls our little squaredrop trailer just fine. So I decided to invest in the truck, total suspension upgrade leaving the tire size I run 265x 75Rx16 Copper Discovery AT 3's the same, remove the running boards & have a set of nice rockslider\steps fabricated so my short legged wife can still get in. Truck hauls our gear in the back Engel fridge, Pelican cooler, pantry\dry goods tote, firewood 20lb propane bottle & our recovery boards.
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