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With camp still snoozing, I woke early and wandered about the immediate area with camera in hand. Once folks started coming to life around the site, I decided to take a hike to the far side of the valley to get an overall photo of our campsite and the surrounding monuments. It was an unbelievable spot as I sat there just taking in the views with the sun rising behind me. I’m not sure how far I had gone, but our campsite was just a speck in the vast terrain surrounding us. It looked to be another overcast day, but still provided a breathtaking vista. Making my way back, we gathered up to have breakfast, coffee and decide the day’s route.
Day 08: Goosenecking our way to Alstrom Point
(If you’re just catching up, part II of III can be found HERE )

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Freekin Awesome trip report! I really enjoyed reading it. I love your “Human Drone” perspectives with the pulled-back images showing the campsites and surrounding areas. Lots of effort that pays off in the photography. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the 2020 report.
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