"Uno" the 2015 Tacoma

More wiring progress today. Pulled a group of 5 wires through to the storage area behind the drivers side rear seat. Under hood I fed these up through a grommet in the plate I fabbed.


Behind the seat i drilled two holes to allow a pass through for the wiring and installed rubber grommets.



Everything was loomed and run through factory grommets to exit under the truck in the driver's foot well.





Made some quick initial connections to test things:


After this i brought constant 12v power into the storage box using one of those 5 wires i pulled. This went into a 6 circuit terminal to shoot into the relays on the relay board. Two other wires were used to provide power to the arduinos which are in turn powering the relay board and Nextion screens. I pulled a 6 wire cable back to the engine bay to carry the relay outputs into the engine bay. Everything was terminated and connected in the storage area so now I just need to make final connections under hood. So close to being done but I ran out of daylight.

Put on the Wheelers Offroad ubolt flip kit with their super bump stops this evening. Took me longer to find my torque wrench then it did to do the work.

Goodies organized :

Comparing bump stops to oem:

New ubolts vs the Old Man Emu set that were not long enough.


Top Plate vs oem




Bump stops added:
Came across a local Chemical Guys franchise and picked up something new yesterday. Highly recommend this stuff for restoring trim and plastic. There's no greasy residue and it seems to repel water quite well.




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While at lunch with @Scott B. The other day he pointed out the difference in the bumper positioning on the truck.

Right side:


Left side:


From what I can tell someone must have slowly backed into the truck in a parking lot. It wasn't a hard enough hit to cause any creases in the bumper, but it bent one of the mounting brackets. Very strange. Investigated the merits of filing a hit and run claim with insurance and determined it wasn't worth it.

Took advantage of SOS Concepts Black Friday sale and ordered a new bumper with swing out today.
Buttoned up a couple projects here on my last week of vacation.

Installed a heated seat kit in the front driver and passenger seats. Placed the pads between the factory upholstery and the seat covers so that portion of the install was super simple. The provided wiring harness was a bit too short. The distance from what should be the battery connection to the connector that ran to the heated pads measured roughly 40 inches. The front seats of a Mini Cooper might be 40 inches from the battery, but mine weren't. Cut up the harness and extended it as necessary to make everything work. To wrap up the wiring for the heated seats I finally buttoned up everything in my 3D printed enclosure / arduino project that I've been working on. It's now mounted in the truck using a couple of RAM balls and a medium length arm:


Heated seats are activated by two of the relays connected to the Nextion screen and then adjusted using the provided dials that were mounted in the enclosure.


Still need to clean up some wiring, but I haven't quite decided what I want to do here yet. Part of me wants to cut a whole in the silver portion of the center console and run everything up through there using a grommet and wire loom to keep it neat. I'm going to live with it for a few weeks and see what I decide.


The Auxbeam spot lights mounted on the SOS hood brackets are also controlled by the relay panel.


Now it's time for a headlight/fog light upgrade. Not big on mismatched bulb colors...


Also had a friend come over and give me a hand getting the SOS sliders installed. Other than relocating the brake hard lines on the drivers side it was a simple installation. They're very stout and I'm quite impressed with them. My rear bumper from SOS should be done in another couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing the quality of it.

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