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Bummer. Tigers are like Four Wheel Camper campers. You had better be ready to pull the trigger immediately. I remember when I found our FWC. I called the dealer who was selling it (took it in on a trade). I called at 9am when they opened, made a deal over the phone and was up in L.A. within 3 hours. By the time I got there, they had 5 other calls to buy it, from as far as 3 states away.

Good luck on your hunt.
Hi all, I recently bought an AWD 1995 GMC Safari Tiger Provan and I'm in love....I was on the hunt for something between 19 -21' which had access to living space from the cab and was either AWD/4WD....I felt like I struck gold when this one came up on Facebook/Marketplace. After just a couple messages between myself and the seller I placed a deposit on it sight unseen as I knew it was a very unique find with low mileage (71k), that I had to have. The mileage was about 73k and so flew out to WA./Canadian border a couple weeks later to pick it up. Aside from replacing a tire valve stem, serpentine belt and hose clamp on the way to California, there were no issues whatsoever.
I have since had it tuned up, had brakes done, (with new rotors in the rear) and had the stereo system replaced since it was in Japanese, oh yeah...it was imported and so will also have to replace the maker lights as they're all blue! :facepalm There's a small leak in the black water tank which I'll attempt to first fix before replacing. I only currently use it as a combined grey tank as the plumbed toilet was removed so I use a portable cassette toilet. Additionally the propane compartment is so tiny that I'm struggling to find something that gives me enough gas to stay out a couple weeks with no worries. The compartment access is about 11 x 18 with the overall compartment at 18 x 28. I'm including photos on the rig as well as the connector system that I found with it. Does anyone have a clue what this is or how this was used? I may have to have a custom compartment built if I can't find a standard tank(s) to use.
Other upgrades I'd like are a conversion to true 4WD with lift, roof rack and moto carrier. :clap

Thanks in advance and looking forward to corresponding!:tip


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