The Ultimate Adventure Report

As a kid I'd ride with my grandparents each summer from N. Georgia to go visit my great grandparents in Roxbury NY, a 14+ hour drive. My grandfather would have us in the car at 4am, he had two gas stations he liked that were the only stops on the way and we'd be in Roxbury for dinner. I liked the scenery in Virginia, but it does drag on forever.

Still doesn't top driving across Texas though...

By the way, I'm still in Virginia...5 more hours until home.
A little Florida trip this week. Did a little over 500 miles today and the truck averaged 17 mpg. Going to use that as a benchmark as I move forward with adding some heavier mods soon (rear swing out bumper and cap).


Ran into heavy rain in South GA and North FL. Had some time to check out muddy tracks in the area.


Tomorrow I'll finish my run down to Homestead. Orlando is my home for tonight.


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