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Velveeta is fancy cheese :wow
My dad would slice two thick slices of Velveeta and cut one in half. He’d lay out two slices of Wondeer bread, one with a think layer of Miracle Whip. Then he’d put the full slice of cheese in a corner of that bread and put one of The half slices of cheese above the qhole slice and one of the halves next to it to fill in the bread for an equal ratio of cheese, MW, and bread except for the little corner that had no cheese. Then he’d take a big bite of that corner so he got cheese too and eat the rest of the sandwich in normal bites. He’d have Two of these sandwiches a couple,e of times a week. I must have do the exact same thing a couple thousand times as a kid.


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I'm flabbergasted that the SecNav would call one of his carrier skippers "stupid" and "naive", IMO that's childish grade school name calling.


The whole tape was online yesterday, though all I can find today are snippets. Found it; link below.

At one point, when acting Sec'y of the Navy Modly was addressing the crew of the USS Roosevelt over the ship's public address system (he'd flown to Guam in a surprise visit to address the crew in person), and suggests their Captain was either stupid or naive to have sent the letter requesting help, you can hear a crew member yell "What the f***?"

Interesting to hear the whole thing--15 mins long--in context, weird as the delivery and content was.

edit: Oops, and now he's "former acting Sec'y of the Navy."

Modly replaced Secretary Richard Spencer just four and a half months ago. Spencer had been Sec'y of the Navy since Aug 2017 and was fired over the handling of Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher.
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