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Looks interesting, will there be an entrance fee?
My new trailer might be done by then. It is usable right now, Just got back from 5 days on Mingus Mt. camping in it.


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We made it back from Baja, safe and sound. We had another great trip, spent the first two days on the beach in San Felipe. Pete's Camp has 79 palapas/camp spots on the beach...we were the only people camped there!

The race went well for our pit crew, no injuries, every car that came into our pit was serviced/repaired and sent on their way.

We had a local (spectator) that ran out of talent on his quad...he had an unexpected high side get off next to a 30-35 foot cliff, the quad followed him down the cliff, and of course he didn't have any safety gear on. He was unconscious (wished he'd stayed that way), but came to just as our pit crew medics and Cruz Roja (Mexican ambulance service) got to him. Our medics let Cruz Roja take care of him...compound right forearm fracture, gash on his head, back hurt (sensation in both feet though), lots of bumps, cuts, bruises...closest hospital was a couple of hours away from our location.
As I get older, I have told my kids that I do not want things from them. Instead the gift of their time. Martha and I do nothing for valentines, and little for our birthdays. Sometimes we just say "Happy Anniversary" on the yearly day of our marriage. We believe in celebrating our, currently, 29 years of marriage and 31 years together every day. For me, meaningful gestures, a heart felt acknowledgement are far more than a physical gift.
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