The Grey Mouser: Reboot


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Quick, easy mod today...Mountain Hatch Tacoma tailgate panel, one of the few things I saw at Expo that looked like it would add to our travel and outdoor experience without costing us thousands of dollars. Getting a discount code from the vendor helped also.

6FE1590D-415A-4968-A56F-B88179376BF0.jpeg 61B2649E-5620-485F-B0C8-6D64F7D56707.jpeg

Just a few minutes to swap it out with no modifications to the unit needed. I’m pleased.


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Very cool. How do you prepare Bear meat? Sorry to say I have never hunted one.
A lot like venison. The trick is to get the hide off as soon as possible, trim the fat hard and to not let the hairy side of the hide touch the meat.

Rumor has it that eating under cooked bear meat is now the leading cause of trichinosis. Just fyi.. I'll find a link somewhere..[/QOUTE]

The only bear I've ever had was what Haggis brought to ARV one year.. it was very good.
Yep, just like undercooked pork.

Was that the roast or the meatballs? Michelle’s Bear meatballs didn’t last long that one year.

And when we got the bear skinned and hung we went out and each shot a doe...

54E5AD20-00B9-4A4E-B162-89EE8E13686F.jpeg Now the work begins...

EBB6FAAC-E5B2-4158-815D-D30D2AD7C5FF.jpeg [/QUOTE]
That's the cool thing, supposedly trichinosis has been all but eradicated from commercial pork.. so all you raw bacon lovers are in the clear!!

p.s. raw bacon is actually pretty darn good.
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