The Bobcat Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains

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Damage Inspection Report for Bobcat Fire available here:

Not sure where I should be looking, but I'm hoping Cam finds good news here.
Thanks for this Eric. I checked the map and it shows that no damage assessment has been done in our canyon. Based on photos taken from trailhead at Chantry Flats down into the Canyon, we can see three cabin rooftops confirming their survival.

I am getting more hopeful!



It's Mike, but not important. :D Fingers crossed for you!
Herbie is a legit nickname too, not just a screen name.
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Most Cabin owners finally got the news about their cabins from the Forest Service. My Cabin somehow survived. A few of my best friends in the Canyon lost their cabins so I am still sad. At least 10 of the 80 cabins were totally annihilated along with a whole slew of outbuildings such as outhouses and sheds. There are several cabins that the damage assessment teams were unable to reach due to unsafe conditions on the trail so there will probably be more cabins in the :destroyed" category.

It's probably appropriate now to see some pictures of my cabin:

View of the back side of the cabin.

View of the front side of the Cabin.

This is the main room.

My awesome wood stove

This what my dear friend, Deb Burgess' cabin looks like now. She has owned this cabin for 20 years and was the owner of the Adams Pack Station for 13 years.
70 destroyed.jpg



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Wow... well we’re sure glad your cabin made it Cam.

Really bittersweet considering the other losses but maybe there’s hope with so many surviving cabins and the all important pack station making it through this that maybe you can all pull together to rebuild!
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