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Baja Designs (BD) calls themselves The Scientists Of Lighting. While that title may strike you as the brilliant work of someone in the marketing department, ask anyone who has used their products and I’d be willing to bet that they’ll tell you their lights are the gold standard. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to check out a BD prototype light that used a laser to create light instead of the LEDs that have become the primary technology for vehicle lighting. Fast forward to today, and BD has created a series of laser lights that can project light orders of magnitude further than even BD’s most long-range focused LED lights. If you thought that quality LED spot beam lights could send the light out there, laser lights make your current spot beams look like flood lights in comparison. I’ve spent the last couple of months getting to learn the science behind how these laser lights work, and more importantly how they actually work...
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The other thing about BD lights that impress me is the level of quality in all the little design details. Everything from the way things are heat-sinked to the way the assemblies go together tells you that they're serious about quality. Of course, the fact that they've engineered products for military use is sort of built-in to a lot of their designs.

Full Disclosure: I've worked with Alan at BD on a few things, but that does not affect my view of their products.


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This may be the most well documented tech article I’ve seen. Nice work, @Chad. I was wondering about getting the aim down and you covered that very well, thanks.


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I have the Baja LP9's racer lights and very pleased with them. Hard to think there is something that throws light farther then those.
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