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I'm on the hunt for a stubby 2m antenna similar to the photo below. Any one have any information on such a item?

I know range will be diminished but want to use it group comms mostly. Went to Ham Radio Outlet and they are convinced that I need to be a rolling aerial.

So this topic sent me down a rabbit hole of antennas. I've personally run the Firestik I linked above and found it to be a little lacking. It was very difficult to get even an acceptable SWR with it, but there's a lot of factors there so it could have just been my setup.

In doing some digging around I found this COMPACtenna:


7.5 Inches Tall, Power ratings are 85W for 2m, 50w for 220mhz and 50w for 70cm. LINK

Pricey, but seems to have good reviews.
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Nuts, you figured out my plan. I was going to surgically insert it where the sun don't shine on the dude that tries to come along over Mangel Pass in a Subaru......o_O
I know, I know, all jokes aside, as far as dual band antennas are concerned, height equals maximum RX/DX distance. The shorter the antenna, the shorter the RX/DX distance. Put a stubby on a lip mount on the hatch or roof top rack that doesn't clear all the obstructions, you might as well have an HT in the cab of your truck.
Yeah, sounds like a big compromise just to be "compact"
I've had the Compactenna on my AEV prospector for 3 years now. Works fine. The finish has started to come off for some reason though. Silver is peeking through the formerly matte black coating
I've used this one offroad for years. it's flexible so will take tree/brush pounding well...I know...

Comet Model SBB-1 w/ PL-259 Dual Band Flexible Mobile Antenna with 3 Year Warranty. This Antenna does 2 meters and 70cm (146/446MHZ). It is 16 inches high
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